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Connect audio cables to the Audio Out on the DVD player to the Audio In connectors of the speaker system.

Audio Output Jacks on the back of the CD player

If you have a DVD player and just the speakers, no. You will need a system with an amplifier. Some of the Onida systems include this. Connect the digital audio output of the DVD player to the amplifier.

All necessary wires are typically included when purchasing a computer speaker system. This usually comprises a cable to connect the computer to the system, and one for each speaker.

A Sony BoomBox is a speaker dock that one can connect to iPod, iPhone or MP3 Player. There is the in-built sound system that comes with Sony BoomBox. One of the features is that of remote control.

Your best bet is to run through an A/V receiver. They generally have methods to turn 2 channels into 5, but if that is not possible, connect the 2 channels and listen through whatever of the speakers you choose, but it will not be all of them :(

The best speaker system is the Klipschorn Floorstanding speaker. They cost about $4000.00 per speaker.

They connect to video components with hdmi cables.Some of them have a wireless speaker system called S-Air and then they use the normal component cables to connect the components.

Though a $10 patch cable can connect any music player to a home stereo or a boom box, many iPod owners prefer the convenience and style of a dedicated iPod speaker system.

For Dell computer you can attached the Two speaker. But you can also if creat a lane system conecting to each other with the one out put pin then you can connect more speaker to dell computer.

The Grand Wags had a four speaker cassette player Dolby system.

The speaker system should have an amp or control until (maybe inside one speaker or the subwoofer) that has a mini jack (like headphones). Get an RCA (red&white) to minijack adapter from RadioShack or somewhere else and connect the RCA jacks on the back of the DVD to a minijack cable using your adapter. That cable then goes into the 2.1 systems amp or control unit.

Simplest way is to connect with a cross cable

The lungs connect to and are a part of the respiratory system.

A home theatre is a generic term for a system that comprises a television, speakers, a media player and an amplifier. The speaker is just one of the components.

The Bose Acoustimass is a powerful STEREO speaker system. Can be used for any home theater system as an add-on.While the Bose Companion 5 is a computer speaker system with an effect of a 5.1 CHANNEL on a three piece speaker.

Connect the PS3 to the System and the system to the TV

If speaker systems have Amplifier (home made).... Then you just combine their inputs so that ground couples with ground and signal input wires attached to the input wires or with connector.

This question is a lengthy one. To be more specific you would need to consult your owners manual or have somebody do it for you. Here's the basics: Media Source - DVR, DVD Player, Video Game system, etc... Connects to the input ports to your Surround sound receiver Connects to the speaker ports

The BX300 doesn't have a headphone jack. You will have to buy an adapter that connects the dual RCA outputs (the only analog audio out on these models) to a 1/8" stereo female jack. You should be able to find this at your local music store or electronics supply place.

The Logitech S-150 Speaker System is not wireless.

The Logitech Z5300 speaker system can be used with a Mac but check that your Mac will be able to connect - the Toslink may require an adaptor. (See links below)

There is no jack that would allow it to be connected to a third party speaker system.

there is a popular speaker called the sprocket!!

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