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How do you connect Multiple lights on one switch?

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Starting at the switch, with one set of three wires coming in from the service panel and one set of three wires going out to the frist light. Usually you would have a black wire for hot, white for neutral and a bare wire for ground. --The black wire coming in and the black wire going out are fastened to the screws on the side of the switch. one on each scerw. You can use either wire for either screw but not the odd green screw that is for ground. --The two white wires are wire nutted together. --The two bare wires are twisted together and are also fastened to the odd Green screw. Some building codes require a small metal ring that looks likes a brass farrow to be used to crimp the to ground wires together. -----At the light box; --The black wires will all be wire nutted together. There should be three black wires, one from the switch, one to go out to the next light and one from the light fixture. --The three white wires like the black all get wire nutted together. One coming from the switch, one going out to the next light and one from the light fixture. --The two bare ground wires get twisted together and fastened also to a green ground screw. This green grounding screw may be on a metal bar that the light fixture is mounted to. ----Just repet the above for each light you are going to install. At the last light you will do the same, but will have one less wire of each color to hook up.

2007-06-17 03:39:43
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How to wire several lights into one switch?

with your power coming into the switch, you connect the neutral wire (white) to the other white wire that is going to the lights. then the 2 black wires go onto the switch. now that you have the light switched, you just connect the other lights to the first one

What is a specalized device ha allows multiple networks or multiple parts of one network to connect and exchange data?

A switch box

How do you connect two monitor in one CPU?

If you have a video card which supports dual display then you can connect 2 monitors to your computer. If not then you can either buy one that supports it or you can also buy something called a KVM Switch which allows you to connect multiple monitors and switch between them.

How do you make a circuit with 3 bulbs 2 switches and and 2 batteries where the 1st switch controls the lighting of all the bulbs and the 2nd switch controls the lighting of the second bulb?

Connect the two batteries for the voltage needed. If they are 12 volt batteries and the lights are 12 volts, connect the batteries in parallel (negative to negative and positive to positive). If they are 12 volt batteries and the lights are 24 volts, connect the batteries in series (negative of one battery to positive of the other). Run a wire from batteries to first switch, then to two of the lights and the other switch (in parallel). From the second switch run a wire to the third light, then connect all three lights back to the battery.

How do you connect multiple lights to one switch starting at the light?

You put switch in series with the black supply wire and the black wire to the first light. Then connect black wire of first light to black wire of second light, black wire of second light to third light and so forth. Do the same with the white wires and ground wires.

How do you wire 2 lights on one switch?

Does power come into to lights or switch first?

Is there a diagram of wiring two lights to one switch with the power at the light?

At the lights there is a black, white and bare wire from the supply. With power off you would break the black (Hot) connection at wirenut. Then you just need to run a wire to and from the switch. Assume you use standard Romex with black, white and bare wires. Connect the black wire to the black wire from supply. Connect the white wire going to the switch to the black wire going to lights. Wrap black electric tape around each end of white wire to show it is HOT. At the switch end connect the white wire to one lug on switch and black to the other. Connect the bare wire to ground on switch and at light to other bare wires.

What is the purpose of a switch on a Local Area Network?

what is the purpose of a switch on a local area network Answer To provide multiple connections for devices to connect to the segment. The switch provides for aggragating the various signals to go to one server or gateway.

How do you wire a series of recessed lights to a single switch when the power goes to the lights first?

The switch goes between the supply and the string of lights. If the supply is in a ceiling box you need to run a 3-wire cable from the switch to the ceiling box. Since your normal Romex cable for residential use has a black, white and bare wire you would use them as follows: At the switch connect black to one side of switch and white to other side.. Wrap black electric tape around white cable for 3 inches or so to identify it as a hot wire. Do the same at the ceiling end. In the ceiling connect one switch black wire to the supply black and the other pseudo black wire (White wire with tape) to the black wire on light fixture. Connect the supply white wire to the light white wire. Connect all bare wires together (ground). Connect bare wire at switch to green screw on switch.

How do you use the single user bradband connection to multi users?

Connect the broadband connection to a router, and connect the router ports to the individual systems. If necessary, extend the number of ports on the router by attaching a switch to one of the router ports and attaching multiple clients to the switch.

What is a computer KVM switch used for?

A KVM switch, or keyboard, video, and mouse switch, is used to connect multiple computers to the same keyboard, video display, and mouse. This setup is often used in situations where one needs to use multiple computers or operating systems at the same time. For example, Network administrators use this method to monitor and control multiple servers simultaneously.

How should I connect my access point and xbox to my cable modem. Im assuming an ethernet switch but I want to make sure that will work?

You will need a router, not a switch. Your ISP usually only gives you one IP address. Your will need a router with DHCP to connect multiple devices.

How do you wire 4 lights with 2 switches?

If you want the four lights to come on/off when either switch is operated and you want the lamps to be fully lit then you must wire each lamp in parallel. from the supply wire to the common terminal of the first switch. Connect a wire to each of the other two terminals on the first switch. Conect each of these wires to the similar terminals on the second switch. From the common of the second switch connect a wire to the first lamp. From the other terminal of the lamp connect a wire back to the Neutral source. This will give you one lamp controlled by two switches. Now connect a wire from each terminal of the 1st lamp and connect it to the two terminals on the second lamp. make similar connections for lamps three and four.

How do you connect multiple monitors from one CPU?

Video splitter or multiple video cards

Can you connect four switches to one Router?

Yes. Just connect one switch strait into the router. Then hook the other three switches into the first switch. -DJ Craig

What is application of crossed cable?

to connect similar one switch to another switch

Can I Connect one monitor to two computers?

You can buy a switch box that have that allows you to connect two computers to one monitor and switch back and forth as you wish. You would three cables. I

How do you wire one light and one GFCI and another light light and fan with two switches and one power line?

Connect the incoming power to the line side of the GFCi outlet. Now run another wire connected to the line side of the GFCI outlet from the GFCI outlet to the switches. Power one of the switches and use that switch to turn on the 2 lights. Run power from that switch to another switch and use that switch to send power to the fan. Mount both switches in a double pole switch box. If the light above the sink has an outlet on it then you will have to connect power going to that light on the load side of the GFCI outlet. If not then just connect it to the line side.

How do you put a switch on an electromagnet?

You get a battery, switch, nail and copper wire. You connect one end of the battery to the switch and the other end to the nail that is wrapped with some copper wire. The end of the switch that isn't connected you connect to the electromagnet.

Cable used to connect a switch to a switch?

Crossover Cable (T568A on one end, T568B on the other)

How do you add an elecrtric recepticle to a on off switch.?

You can buy a device that contains one outlet and one switch. In the current box you have t identify the supply side Black wire (Hot). This can be done with a voltmeter. Connect the supply side black to the switch and the brass colored screw on the outlet. Connect the white wire to the silver screw on the outlet. You may need to use a wire nut and multiple pigtail wires to feed the input to switch and outlet. Depends on configuration of the switch/outlet combination.

How do you wire multiple lights starting at the lights first switch last and a power drop behind?

Imagine a section of railroad track where the rails are the power source and the ties between rails are the lights. The rails will supply power and let's label them the black rail (hot) and the other rail white (neutral). The earth they are resting on is the ground (bare copper wire). So each light must be connected to black, white and ground. To switch all lights at once we need to open the connection just to the hot side. Wiring in parallel like this example you run a wire between each light and connect the incoming black wire to the light black wire and the outgoing black wire using a wire nut. You do the same for white and bare wires. When you are done you have a circuit that looks like the railroad track. You could connect a supply at either end and the lights would light. You could then just insert a switch in the black side and control all lights. In a situation where the supply is closer to one end of the circuit is closer to the other end physically you do the following. Run a wire from the switch to end where supply is located. On this wire wrap about 3 inches of black electric tape on the stripped white pigtail on each end. This designate the white wire is hot. Now connect black wire to one side of switch and taped white wire to other side. Connect bare wire to green ground terminal on switch. At the supply end connect the black wire from supply yo black switch wire and black light wire to taped white wire. Connect grounds together. Connect white supply wire to white light wire.

How do you wire multiple lights on a 3-way switch with one between and one not?

Explain in more detail what you mean. What is between: the switch or the light? What are you trying to accomplish with this setup? The term 3-way switch means 2 switches controlling one or more lights. If you have 2 lights and one switch then you need a standard 75 cent switch. Generally with 3-way switches, there are 3 wires not including the ground, black, white and red. some houses attach the white to the switch, some attach the black. Generally the white will feed through the box not attaching to anything but another white wire. The black will attach to the upper and lower screws on one side of the switch while the red attaches to the opposite side. The red goes to the other switch and black goes to the light fixture(s).

Can you hook two computers to one printer?

Yes, you can. There are multiple ways to that. First one is to connect the printer to one of computers and connect both computer to the same network or just to each other. Second one is available if your printer supports LAN. For this case you need a router or switch. Third one is to use print server, and you will need a router or switch but LAN support is not required. USA port must be present.

How do you connect a switch where the power is at the light?

Run a wire from the light to the switch. At the light connect the black power wire to the black wire to the switch. Not wrap some black electric tape at each end of the white wire going to the switch (This indicates that the wire is potentially hot and not a common wire). At the switch connect the black wire to one side of the switch and the taped wire to the other side of the switch. Connect the ground (bare) wire to the green screw on the switch. Now at the light connect the taped white wire to the black wire feeding the light and connect all grounds together with a wirenut.