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How do you connect Multiple lights on one switch?

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2007-06-17 03:39:43

Starting at the switch, with one set of three wires coming in

from the service panel and one set of three wires going out to the

frist light. Usually you would have a black wire for hot, white for

neutral and a bare wire for ground. --The black wire coming in and

the black wire going out are fastened to the screws on the side of

the switch. one on each scerw. You can use either wire for either

screw but not the odd green screw that is for ground. --The two

white wires are wire nutted together. --The two bare wires are

twisted together and are also fastened to the odd Green screw. Some

building codes require a small metal ring that looks likes a brass

farrow to be used to crimp the to ground wires together. -----At

the light box; --The black wires will all be wire nutted together.

There should be three black wires, one from the switch, one to go

out to the next light and one from the light fixture. --The three

white wires like the black all get wire nutted together. One coming

from the switch, one going out to the next light and one from the

light fixture. --The two bare ground wires get twisted together and

fastened also to a green ground screw. This green grounding screw

may be on a metal bar that the light fixture is mounted to.

----Just repet the above for each light you are going to install.

At the last light you will do the same, but will have one less wire

of each color to hook up.

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