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For connecting a Bluetooth device, you need to have a Bluetooth dongle. A dongle can be plugged into your USB port which enables Bluetooth connectivity for your PC. You can purchase a dongle from your local computer store from $20 to $50.00

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Can you remotely connect to another computer?

Yes you can. You can download programs that give you advanced features such as file sharing. However if you are running Windows, there is a built in tool that allows you to connect to a computer called Remote Assistance.

How do you Connect nokia bluetooth headset bh 105 With Computer?

Connecting Nokia BH-105 with PC running Windows 7I have just bought a new Nokia BH-105 headset. Looks really nice. I was able to connect it to my phone and also my PC but on my PC even after connection I cannot use it as my handsfree device.

How can one remotely control a computer?

There are computer applications such as Remote Desktop Connection that lets you access another computer as long as you are running Windows. As long as your name is included on the access list, then you can connect remotely.

What is win dow's?

Windows is the operating system on a Microsoft computer or an Apple computer running windows drivers. Without windows your computer would not work.

How do you connect a PC running Windows XP to a laptop running Linux?

This depends on how you want to "connect" them. If you install and configure Samba on the laptop, it can share files with Windows. If you are not interested in sharing files, but just want to control the laptop from within Windows, install an SSH server on the laptop, and connect to it from Windows using puTTY.

What the difference between your computer and windows explorer?

A computer is a device, and Windows Explorer is an application running on that device.

To function as a server a computer must be running a?

To function as a server a computer must be running as a WINDOWS based server i.e windows 2000, windows NT, windows 2k3, windows 2k8 editions of server installed on computer the server could be Linux based as well.

Is it possible to connect a external drive while computer is still running?

You can connect most external UBS, firewire, and eSATA drives while the computer is still running.

How do you connect blue tooth phone to golf?

If you are running iOS 5 or older, you can find the bluetooth settings in Settings>General>Bluetooth. If you have iOS 6, you just Go into Settings and Bluetooth is right on top of the list. You turn this feature on and you will get a list of devices near you that you can connect to. Not that this will drain your battery life.

What can't you do on a MacBook Pro that you can do on a windows computer?

You can't get a virus on a MacBook Pro running Mac OS X whereas it is easy to get a virus on a computer running the Windows operating system.

What utility do you use to migrate a computer running windows xp to windows 7?

upgrade advisor

My version of windows is 5.1 when i bought my computer. Can I assume I am running the most current windows?


How do you install Windows Vista on a computer that has windows xp?

You should buy an upgrade version of Windows Vista however your computer if running XP is likely not to be powerful enough to run windows vista. You should run Microsoft Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor before upgrading as this will show you any problems your computer may have running Vista.

When was the windows computer invented?

The IBM PC already existed, running MSDOS, before Windows was added on.

When will a computer running Windows PE will automatically reboot after?

72 hours

How do you find out if a computer is running Windows XP or vista?

its pretty obvious

How does one find information on how to reboot a computer that is running the Windows 8 operating system?

You can find information on how to reboot a computer that is running the Windows 8 OS online at the official Windows Microsoft website. You can also read the manual that came with the Windows 8 OS disc.

Where could one purchase a desktop computer running Windows Vista?

You can purchase a desktop computer running the Windows Vista from your local computing store. Failing that you can try online sites such as Amazon or eBay.

How can you make your computer connect to sites faster and stop running slow?

you can do it by decreasing number of programs that simultaneously running and also you can fast the connection with the internet by increasing the MTU value in the windows registry for more help search how to increase this value.

Does every snap-in have the ability to connect to a remote computer?

yes it hasexplained belowThe Adminpak.msi file that is available for Windows XP is commonly used to remotely run administrative tasks on Microsoft Windows 2000-based and Microsoft Windows Server 2003-based computers and domains. The Adminpak.msi file includes a version from the Tsmmc.msc file that is called Remote Desktops. This tool (formerly known as Terminal Services Connections) is available as an MMC snap-in.Windows Server 2003 provides the ability to connect to the console (session 0) of a computer by using a Remote Desktop connection. Because of this, a Connect to Console check box is available in the user interface, but this feature only works when you connect to a Windows Server 2003-based computer.It is still possible to use the Remote Desktop tool to connect to a computer that is running Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Terminal Server Edition, or Windows 2000 Server with Terminal Services enabled, but this creates a regular Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) session. The option to connect to the console session is ignored.However, if you connect to a Windows XP Professional-based computer with Remote Desktop enabled, you will always connect to the console session whether or not the Connect to Consolecheck box is selected because Windows XP Professional allows only this one specific remote desktop connection.

What is the local user with the most authority on a computer running Windows XP?


To have a print server on your network do you have to have a computer running one of the windows server products?


Is a PC the same as a Mac?

No, a PC refers to a personal computer usually running Microsoft Windows OS. A Mac is an Apple computer running Apple software.

What is a computer error?

A computer error is a problem your computer experience is running files and processing information. Errors are commonly caused by corrupted files in the computer registry. Running a registry cleaner for Windows registry repair will help prevent errors and keep your computer running fast.

How do you tell what version of Windows your computer is running?

To tell what version of Windows your computer is running, click on the Start Menu (the icon in your taskbar which has the Windows symbol, the four colored squares).When the Start Menu drops down, click on My Computer, usually in the grey part on the right (it has an icon with a blue-screened monitor).The My Computer window will open. Now click on Help, then on About Windows.A small panel will open giving the version of Windows your PC is using.

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