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Most of it's explained in the manaul but I'll explain it anyway. First you need an outlet to plug the main PS2 cord into. The light on the PS2 should be on but you still can't play it yet. Next there should be three different colored jacks a red jack a yellow jack and a white jack. there should also be colored holes on the back of your television. plug each jack in with it's corosponding hole (red hole red jack ect.). Now you need to find out which vidoe your systems on. It may differ depending or your T.V. some you just need to put on channel three

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Q: How do you connect a PS2 to a television?
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Can you connect your ps2 to your computer?

No you connect your PS2 to your TV not a computer

How do you connect ps2 console with lcd monitor?

PS2 connect to TV not computer monitor

How do you connect a ps2 to LCD monitor?

PS2 connect to LCD TVs not computer monitors

What are the directions to connect VGA cable from PS2 to Monitor?

PS2 uses a TV to connect not a monitor

How do you connect a ps2 to a Mac?

PS2s do not connect to a mac or a PC they connect to a TV

How do you plug in the ps2 to the TV?

need a TV with A/V input spots and you connect them to the PS2 with the cable

How do you connect ps2 to a PC monitor?

You do not . The PS2 was designed to be connected to a TV not a computer monitor

How do you hook a ps2 to your PC to play on monitor?

You connect a PS2 to a TV not a computer monitor.

Will ps2 be compatible with any tv?

It will work on most TVs that it is able to connect to

How do you connect a ps2 to two screens?

split the signal leaving the PS2 into two TV sets

How do i hook up a ps2 into my car's tv?

The same way you connect it in your home TV. You just need to have a place for Power and TV connection for the PS2

How do you connect ps2 to sony Bravia tv?

Plug the cables into the color coded input holes on the back of the TV. Set the TV to the section that you plugged the cables into and turn on the PS2

How do you connect a ps2 to a HD ready tv?

With PlayStation 2 Component AV Cables or with Playstation PS2 AV Audio / Video Cable for 480i standard TV

Connect ps2 television with no holes in tele?

I assume the TV has a SCART socket. Get a RGB to SCART adapter, then change TV to AV1/2

How do you connect a ps2 to a LCD tv?

Just plug the color coded cables into the inputs with the same color on the back of the TV

How do you connect a PSP with ps2?

The PSP was designed to connect with the PS3. Just because it can connect with the PS3 does not mean it can connect with a PS2 and it can not and does not

Can ps2 games work on psp?

No they are way to big. But you can connect your psp to your tv through through your playstation and play the game on your tv

How do you connect a dualshock 3 controller to a ps2?

You cannot connect a Dualshock 3 to a PS2.

Can you connect a psp with a ps2 and play games on it?

Your thinking about the PS3 not the PS2. The PS2 can not connect with the PSP as they don't work together

Is there anyway to hook up external speakers to ps2?

Yes it's simple just connect them to your TV

How do you connect a PS2?

put the three colored cords in the same colors on the tv and the power cord in the plug

Can you connect a camera to your ps2?

They have a Playstation eye for the PS2

Do you need to connect a ps2 to pcsx2?

No the emulator does not work with the PS2, it uses the PS2 Bios

How do you connect a HDMI to a ps2?


Does the Wii connect with the PS2?