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You can purchase a rubber adapter with one side connecting to the PVC pipe and the other connecting to the steel pipe. There are clamps on each end to tighten down and make water tight. Any good Plumbing supply or even Home Depot or Lowe's should have them.


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It will connect to the PVC pipe into the wall which ultimately will connect into the main sewer line outside.

Normally you glue it together. Where it meets steel or copper, you use the proper fitting on the PVC to accept the steel or copper. For steel on the drain, a rubber connection with hose clamps can also be used.

You cannot use pvc on hot water, only cpvc

PVC/Cast Iron/Steel/Plastic/ Depends on what type

A PVC ball valve, and add a threaded coupler to attach the supply line from sink.

No it's PVC sch 80 just heavier grade

Steel, copper, PVC, are the most likely things.

No! Steel is a very bad choice for plumbing, as it rusts and can poison your water. PVC, copper, or clay pipes are recommended for plumbing.

There is a product that is sold at Home improvement stores called "SharkBite". It will allow you to connect Copper,CTS Cpvc and Pex. Here is the link to learn more. Your friend, Matt The Handyman

It depends on the plumbing code in your area.

Galvanized steel is better for plumbing in a bathroom sink. It lasts a lot longer than PVC.

Copper can be used for both hot and cold water. PVC is against many codes to use for domestic water supply because it can leach toxic chemicals into the domestic water supply. PVC is never used for hot water CPVC is used for hot

purchase a threaded connector, for the PVC pipe, then purchase a metal threaded adaptor for soft pipe, see your hardware man,

You need 2 mechanical fittings with compatible threads. One is PVC to glue to the PVC and one is brass to solder to the brass. Then they screw together.

In general you would only do this if you need to connect a section of brass piping to a pvc section.

water line? half inch or three quarters

Always use cpvc for hot water and PVC for cold water.

If the line is outside, sloping will prevent the risk of freezing/braking if there is not water in the line! Inside, it just prevents risk of drips and bacteria growing in what could be stagnant water.

I believe you can use polyvinyl chloride, more commonly called PVC, as the legs to a pool slide only if the PVC is solid not hollow like the pipes that PVC is commonly used for. If you cannot get solid PVC rods, then stick to stainless steel.

PVC pipes do not corrode, hence these are used for drinking water supply.

Chlorinated - PVC normally used on hot water

Schedule 40 PVC is the type and thickness of water pipe.

PVC valve is inserted in the valve cover and connect to the intake manifold using rubber hose.

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