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Q: How do you connect a black wire white wire and red wire to a black wire and white wire?
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How do you wire a cook top 240V 3 wire black green red to 240V 3 wire service black white red?

Connect black to black, red to red, and white to green.

Where does the red wire in a baseboard heater connect to the black or white wire in the wall?

It doesn't connect to either. The red wire must connect to a red wire from the breaker box. If you only have black and white wires from the breaker box and the baseboard heater has a red wire something is wrong!

How do you wire a cooktop with red black white and green to a house with red black green?

Connect black to black, red to red, white & green, to green.

How do you wire a Brown and Blue to a Red Black and White?

The brown will connect to the redblack wire and the blue to the white

How do you wire a 3 way dimmer switch that has one red wire one black wire and one white wire?

The black and white (neutral) wires connect to an unswitched voltage supply. The red wire and the same white (neutral) wires connect to the load.

How do you connect a red and black wire to a red black green and white wire?

You can't. You first figure out what the red and black do and why there is no white. Then you call an electrician to explain grounding/earthing wires and how to get a proper ground to the green wire before someone is electrocuted.

How do you wire a motion sensor switch?

In most motion sensor switches you will have three wires. A black, white and red wire. The black and white (neutral) are used for the electronics in the sensor. These connect to the incoming black and white power. Connect the lamp across the red and the white (neutral). When the sensor detects motion the red wire becomes "hot" and the light will go on.

How do you connect 4-wire cord to the electric stove?

Two wires are hot and are usually Red and Black. Connect the white wire to neutral and green wire to ground.

How do you connect timer white and black house wire with red black and white wires?

House wire is "line" Black & White house goes to Black & White of Timer; the "load" (e.g. Pond Pump, etc.) is connected to the Red & White. Specifically, put all 3 whites together (nut or terminal); House (source)(line) Black to Timer Black; and "load" Black to Timer Red. The Red wire is the "Timed" (switched) hot wire.

How do you connect a 240 v cooktop with 4 wires to a service panel with 3 wires?

The new cooktop has a 4 wire connection. Red & Black are hot. White is neutral, and green is ground. You existing panel is wired with 3 wires. Black & Red are hot and green is ground. There is no neutral wire. Connect the black to black, red to red, and then connect the white and ground together at the plug.

Can you connect a 3 wire 120 Volt with ground to a 2 wire House wire has black and white and ground Appliance has black red white and ground?

To answer this question fully the type of appliance has to be stated and its voltage.

How do you install 220 receptacle with white black and bare wires?

Assuming the wires are the correct gauge for application and breaker you use black and white wires as hot. Put red electrical tape on each end of white wire and connect red and black to the breaker output and bare wire to ground lug in panel. At receptacle connect black and red to hot contacts and bare wire to ground lug.

How do you install a dimmer switch black wire red wire and green wire to some existing black and black wires?

Remove the old single pole switch. Connect the green dimmer wire to the ground wire. Now connect the black dimmer wire to the black wire that is the hot wire (wire carrying the electrical current into the box). Connect the red dimmer wire to the other black wire.

I see only a red and a green wire coming out from ceiling box. What are they and how do you connect them to a ceiling light?

Normally red or black is the hot wire and green is the ground. However someone may have used the green wire as the neutral wire which is normally white. Just connect the black wire from the light to the red wire and the white wire from the light to the green wire and see if it works. If not you have to pull the wires out of the ceiling box and see how they wired it.

How do you install a ceiling fan with black white green wires when the junction box has black white bare and a red wire?

White = neutral. The white wire of the voltage in simply connects to the white wire of the fan. The green wire of the fan is the equivalent of the "bare" wire of the voltage in. Tie them together or connect both to a metal junction box. The black wire from the switch (voltage in) should be the "switched" leg of the circuit. If the fan has both a black and a red wire, they will control the light and the fan. If you have separate switches for those circuits, connect them separately; if both are controlled by the same wall switch, connect both the red and the black to the BLACK wire of the voltage in, then you will be able to control the fan operation by the separate fan pull chain switch.

How do you wire red white blue yellow and black to red white and black?

you dont

How do you wire a 1-way dimmer switch with a red and black wire only?

Connect the black wire to the incoming hot wire and the red wire to the out going load.

How do you wire a cook top 240V 3 wire black green white to 240V 4 wire service?

Black would be hot, white would be hot, and green would be common. Four wire is usually two hots, a common and a chasis ground. Just make sure you don't connect one of the service hot wires to the green wire. So, if you are wiring this to service with black, red, white, and green (bare) wires, you connect black to black, and green to green. The white wire of the cooktop connects to the red wire. The white wire of the feed should be capped with a wire nut.

How do you wire 1964 VW Bug ignition switch?

The 1964 VW Beetle ignition switch only has three wires. Connect the red wire to the positive post. Connect the black wire to the negative posts. Connect the white wire to the auxiliary post.

Can you connect black wire to red wire?

In electrical home wiring that is wired correctly NO.

How do you wire a cook top v 3 wire black red green to v 3 wire black white bare service?

Black to black. Red to white. Green to bare.

How do you wire a three-way switch when the power supply is in the light box?

to wire a 3-way like this you first need to run 14/3 romex wire from the light box to each of the 2 switch locations. at each switch connect wires as follows: white wire to common screw(usually black or brass) connect red and black wire to silver colored screws, does not matter which way. in the light box you need to identify you incoming power, once you have identified that wire connect one of the white wires from the new 14/3 romex to it,secure with wire nut.the red and black in each 14/3 romex are connected red to red, black to black. this should leave you with one white wire frm a 14/3 romex, this connects to the black wire of your light fixture, the white of your light fixture connects to the white of the incoming power wire.

How do you wire a four wire 220v?

The 4-wire cable should have black, red, white and a green or bare wire. The 220 volts is between red and black. The white is neutral or common and there would be 110 volts between white and red and between white and black. The green or bare wire is the ground.

Why light fixture has red and white wire instead of white and black?

In the US and Canada, the white wire is universally the neutral. The "hot" wire can be red or black, both are used. Maybe the manufacturer was able to get a good deal on red wire.

Is the white wire in the thermotat a neutral?

the thermostat has a black(line) wire to it, and a red wire going to it. the red wire then connects to the neutral wire. the black and red are like a leg switch.