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How do you connect a camera to a computer without using camera card?


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You can get a cable for your camera which would connect to a computer USB port.

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If you are using the Windows operating system then it is possible. If you are using Mac OS X then it is not possible.

Connect the camera to a computer with a USB cable or take the memory card out of the camera and load it into a car reader of a computer.

You can not film yourself without a computer camera. However, you can buy an add on camera pod and hook it up to the right software!

It is a camera that is not built into your computer monitor but is bought separately from stores to connect to the computer and be able to talk face to face using computers.

There is no way to get your PSP to connect to the computer without using a USB cable. You must use a USB to get one to port to the other.

Yes, you can connect your camera to your iPad using the camera connector.

To enlarge an image without using a photocopier you can:take a picture of it with an old fashioned camera, develop it and print an enlargement, orscan it and process it on a computer, printing it with your computer printer.

you can upload photos from computer to camera by using a usb card reader.

You don't tell us much do you . -If your problem is connecting a digital cam to your computer a number of thing have to be correct. It would help if we knew your OS, what programs you have on the computer and what type of cable you are using . Without knowing those things we are fumbling in the dark.

Most cameras come with a USB cable to connect to the computer, Connect it to the computer and wait for the drive to appear in My Computer, right click the drive and click format. In the dialog box, click start, Windows will format(delete everything) drive.

There is no SD slot. You need to get a card reader. You put the card into this and plug it into your computer. Alternatively you can connect your camera to the computer using the cables that came with it. Check your instruction book.

you can connect an Internet to a computer using broadband

You connect it to the computer using a modem, wirelessly.

Answering "How do you transfer photos from a digital camera to your email in box using a USB connection from camera to shared computer?"

You can connect your photo camera to your computer using an USB cable, appropriate to your camera's connection slot. Then you can use a file manager software to copy photos from a camera to a computer. You can also get memory card out of your photo camera and put it into a memory card reader in your computer (if ypu have such a reader). Then you can use a file manager software to copy photos from a memory card to a computer.

You can connect two computers directly, using a crossover cable. Note that this only works for two computers at a time; if you want to connect more computers, you should use a switch (and direct cables).

It's correct, routers do not need to be connect to any computer to work. But if you want to create a network using a router you have to connect computers to it.

The method varies with each camera, but basically goes like this... Be sure the camera is turned OFF. Connect the camera to the computer. Turn the camera ON. Go to My Computer or the Mac equivalent, and find the new drive that just appeared. Click on it, and you should see your photos. You may have to dig down through a couple of folder layers, depending on how your camera stores them. Drag them to a file on the computer. Turn the camera OFF. Disconnect it from the computer. Delete the photos on the camera according to the instructions that came with the camera. DO NOT DELETE THEM USING THE COMPUTER unless the instructions specifically say to do it that way.

iTunes can be downloaded to your computer using the link below.

- Connect the camera to the computer using a USB cable. - Open "My Computer", find the camera, right click, choose "Explore" - Look in each folder for the pictures. - Once found, select all of the pictures (Select all files with Control + A), copy them (Control + C), then paste (Control + V) into a folder you would like to store them in.

Modern printers connect using a USB port.

You can only put the memory card into the computer if you have a camera. You put the memory card into the camera then using the camera cord, plug the camera into the computer then put the photos onto the computer. Hopefully that was easy enough for you to understand.

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