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To print to a fax machine wirelessly from a mobile phone: you would need a fax machine (or multifunction) with wifi capability. The drivers (or app) would be on the phone, and you could fax from the phone that way. This depends on the technology that both your phone and fax machine have.

To fax from a mobile phone: there are services called "online fax" services that will let you send or receive faxes from a phone or computer.

To fax wirlessly from a fax machine through a cell phone: this technology isn't on the market, however there are "GSM faxes" that can operate off of a cell phone signal.

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If it is a "wireless fax machine" built for a home office or similar: You connect it the same way you to do a regular fax machine - by plugging the phone line into the appropriate place on the fax machine. There may be a base station that can transmit through wireless from the phone line to the fax machine. In most cases, however, a "wireless fax machine" is a wireless multifunction unit with fax capabilities. The wireless part is for printing and scanning, while the fax part still needs a phone connection to function. If it is a "wireless fax machine" built to work off of a cellular network: You'll have to contact your cellular provider - in most cases they'll have to activate it to make the phone connection work.

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