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How do you connect an MP3 player to HiFi without an auxillary input?

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Connecting MP3 to HiFiHere is one assumption that I am going to make - your HiFi unit has a built-in FM radio. There are MP3 to FM interface devices available which will achieve what you have asked for. Here is one such device: you do is to connect the MP3 player to the FM transmitter, tune your hifi to the FM transmitter frequency - and you have wireless transmission for audio for $8 plus shipping.If your HiFi does not have a built-in FM radio, here is another method (assuming that you have an old cassette player). All you would need is a cassette adapter and connect your MP3 player to it, start up your HiFI tape player and you have a low cost interface.

If you are the hands-on type, you can locate the pre-amp of the HiFi and inject your MP3 player's audio - but that depends on your electronic knowledge and the model of the HiFi.

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How do you connect a 3d blu-ray player to a 3d ready projector without a HDMI input?

You need a HDMI Input.

Is there an auxillary input adaptor for your car?

YES.. there are lots of stereo's and lots of input adapters to fit almost anything.

Can USB port be fitted in ahuja cpa-560?

Yes, and it is simple. You must bring a USB player. You can power this USB player with 5V supply. Fit that USB player case where you want. There will be two channel output for the USB player. Take any 1 output with ground and connect to the auxillary input of the CPA-560 amplifier.

Can you connect a DVD player to jvc nx-d2 stereo system?

You can but this JVC is not surround, nor does it have a digital input. You will have to use the stereo analog outputs on the DVD player to connect to the JVC's mini plug input on the front of the unit.

How do you connect Blu-ray player to a DVD home theater system to get surround sound?

If your DVD home theater system has a optical or coaxial digital input, connect the digital audio output of the Blu-Ray player to this input. You will not get the benefit of DTS-HD or Dolby TrueHD lossless audio, but it will still be surround sound. Without a digital input, you should sell the old DVD system and buy a HDMI-capable surround receiver.

Have an auxillary audio input Subaru?

My 2008 Impreza Outback Sport has one. It's in the center console, at the bottom.

How do you hook up a Magnavox digital TV converter and a Optimus 10 band Equalizer and a Sony DVD player through a VCR that should end up stereo through your receiver?

Connect the TV converter output to the receiver's TV input. Connect the DVD player to the receiver's DVD player input. Connect the VCR to another video input on the receiver. Thrown the equalizer out, as modern receivers don't have any way of connecting them to all the other components.

Why CD player audio called auxiliary audio?

Some stereosets have auxiliary input where you can connect for example a vinyl player or a computer soundcard.

Can you connect Blu ray through your Sony Home Theater system to get surround sound?

Yes. If your Home Theater system has an HDMI input, use that. If not, use the optical digital output to connect the audio from the player to the optical input on the amplifier.

Is a rear usb a input device?

A USB port is both and input and output port. Depends on what is connected to it as to which is functions as. Connect a camera and it is an input device. Connect a printer and it is an output device. Connect a printer/scanner and it is both.

How do you view DVDs on DVD player when when there is also a dvr?

Connect the DVD player to a different input on the tv, if there isn't one use a video/audio switcher.

How do you you connect PS3 to HDTV?

How you connect your PS3 to an HDTV depends on if you want to transmit to it in HD or not. To connect without HD simply connect the standard output cables form your PS3 to the TV and set the input of the TV to SD input. To transmit in HD first power down your PS3 and plug in an HDMI cable from your PS3 to the HDTV. Set the TV's input to HDMI and then power up your PS3. You will be prompted to use HDMI, select yes and then confirm.

How do you hook up a ps2 to a bluray player?

You don't have a reason to connect a Bluray to the PS2 even if you could. Plus would you want the input or output of the player connected

How do you connect 3 Speakers to One Input?

just buy a slot which connect two these are used in primary and secondry schools

How do you connect input to the computer?

By using peripheral devices and the various input ports and sockets.

How do you hook up your zune to your car stereo?

I equipped with an auxillary plug in you will just need a cable to connect the two, if your stereo does not have the plug in you can get an FM transmitter and your music will be broadcast on a preset radio station. Some adapters are available that will add an auxiliary input to your car's stock radio through an unused CD changer port. Go to and search for "auxiliary input adapters"

How you can watch cable connection television using monitor without CPU?

Get a monitor with an HDMI or analog input and connect it to a cable TV tuner.

How do to work the aux on a 2006 Ford Fusion?

2006's don't actually have a functioning auxillary input. The radio was used on several models including Mustangs, which is why the auxillary is present. Same as the Phone icon, that wasn't actually used on Fusions until late 2008

Why might a musical keyboard have 2 MIDI ports?

1- to connect output jack to input jack and to connect input jack to output jack Whistler

What does the input service be able to connect to?

Bluetooth device does not support input service for Nokia mobile.I'm able to connect mobile phone Sony Ericsson K530i.

What drives the gearbox input shaft?

the input shaft has splines on it which connect to the clutch friction plate.

Is DVD player output or input?

A DVD player is input and output.

How do you connect a laptop with HDMI to a home theater system?

Your home theatre system will need both an HDMI input and output. Most all-in-one systems have no HDMI input. Connect the output of the laptop to HDMI input of the receiver. Connect the HDMI monitor output on the receiver to the TV.

How do you use optical cable from tv to Blu-ray?

Your TV will not have a optical cable input. The easiest way is to connect an HDMI cable from the Blu-Ray player to the TV. This cable will have both the video and audio together. If you do not have an HDMI input on your TV, use the component video output from the Blu-Ray player and the analog left and right audio to connect to the TV, or connect the optical digital output from the Blu-Ray player to a surround sound receiver for sound amplification.

Are expansion cards an input or output device?

They can be both, as with soundcards, you can input a microphone to them to input sound, but can also connect speakers, to output sound.