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Connect the DVD player to a different input on the tv, if there isn't one use a video/audio switcher.


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No. A DVD player only plays DVD's. In order to duplicate DVD's you would need a DVD recorder or computer software. A DVD recorder may also play DVDs. no, you can't!

A regular DVD player will not play HD DVD discs. You will need an HD DVD player to use these DVDs.

No. While a DVD recorder will also play back recorded DVDs, a disk player will not record a DVD.

dvds are a type of tecnolgy that you watch through a DVD player

Well I use a DVD player. buy a DVD player?

Hello, dear only if your DVD player is region compatible with the dvds in UK~Hope it will be helpful for u

You can use a DVD player, or a computer that can read DVDs.

You can watch DVDs on any computer that has a DVD player and software for playing DVDs.

Insert the DVD into the DVD drive of your computer if you have one.

Cd's are played in a CD player and dvds are played in a DVD player.

Of all things, they are mainly used for playing DVDs. [These are disks with movies and other audiovisual material recorded on them.] Also, a DVD player can be used to play CDs (disks with audio only) whereas a CD player will not play DVDs.

No it is not. A DVD player is not a game console and plays DVDs

No! The reason is that when the DVD was invented, a set of about ten region codes were created so that only an American player would play American DVDs, and only a European player would play European DVDs, etc, etc. This was done so that DVDs of movies could not be shared between countries, and so that if you want to view a movie in Belgium, you have to buy a separate copy. Most DVD players can be hacked to change their internal region code. Google "hack my DVD".

DVD players do not generally have outputs that are compatible with computers. You would need a video capture card installed, which would then be awkward to view it correctly. A better way would be to change your opical drive, to one that accepts DVDs and then play the DVD directly on the computer.

Yes. Double-sided DVDs are just like any other DVD

It may be possible if your DVD is defective.

I wish i could see answers to this. I have the exact opposite problem. My dvd player will play movies but not any of my workout dvds.

only if ur DVD player is codefree & supports PAL dvds. usually a DVD player sold in the us only accepts rc1 dvds.Australian dvds are RC4. and PAL. US dvds are NTSC. so if the us DVD player is a cool one it should play the DVD :) any PC can play it with the right software, i.e. the VLC media player ( greetz

Hello, dear, the region free DVD can be played on any DVD player including the us DVD player

No, regular DVD players can not play HD DVDs. We need an HD DVD player. - Neeraj Sharma

A DVD player will not BURN a new DVD, you need e RECORDER to BURN a new disc.

No. DVD quality will be displayed whether the player is a DVD player or a Bluray player. DVDs won't be the same quality as a Bluray disc of course.

Keep the DVD in its case and don't leave it in the DVD player.

No and HD DVDs have been discontinued.

A portable DVD player should be small enough to easily carry. The smallest DVD players are barely larger than the DVDs that they play, but larger ones are also available.

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