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pc suite connect the Samsung GT-E2152i

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Q: How do you connect the Samsung GT-E2152i with PC suite?
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How do you connect the samsung GT E2152i with PC suite?

i want to know that which pc suite is best for my samsung mobile 2152i i have many but which is special for my mobile . pls tell me.?

How do you import music to a Samsung tocco lite?

download "samsung PC studio suite 3" and connect your phone to your PC, then drag and drop your tunes!!

Does Samsung gt2120 support PC suite?

It does not support PC Suite . If you want to get samsung pc suite for any other mobile checkout the source and related links below.

How can you connect internet with samsung e2152 in PC with nps PC suit? can not connect .....

Does Samsung hero 3213 support PC suite?


How do you connect my Samsung pop to my PC?

i can't connect Samsung R5570 pop to my laptop, help me.pls

How does you connect Samsung gts5620 with your PC for net?

First, your question should be like this..."How do you connect Samsung..."Second, no answer :)

My phone samsung core duos is not going to connect with can I connect it-?

To connect your Samsung phone to the PC you should connect it via the US and turn the USB on from your screen.

How can you use internet in your cpmputer with the help of PC suite?

you can connect to your PC by various PC suites i will teach you how to connect to PC via Nokia PC suite 1)connect your cell via usb or a Bluetooth device 2)select PC suite or default mode 3)then select the icon with green globe (connect to internet ) 4)then select automatically configure or configure it 5)then click connect (wait for the dialog box to minimize automatically 6)then open your browser and happy surfing!!

Where can a person obtain a copy of the Samsung PC Suite?

The best place to always get applications and files is through the company that manufactures it rather then getting it through alternative sources found on the internet. The Samsung PC suite is used to connect everything stored on your Samsung phone with your computer. This is important because phones have a lot of important information that may be lost if their are problems, such as: messages, maps, photos, documents, etc. Therefore, because this is a Samsung product, the first place to look for obtaining a copy is through Samsung.

How do you install mobile operating software in nokia 3110c?

Install the PC suite for Nokia and then connect your cell phone to your PC. From the PC suite you can install the software, applications, and other functions.

Where can you download Samsung GT S5620 suite for your pc so I can look at the pictures on their and stuff...?

how do you download photos from Samsung s5620 to laptop