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that's a good question

u cant

no way



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Can I Connect one monitor to two computers?

You can buy a switch box that have that allows you to connect two computers to one monitor and switch back and forth as you wish. You would three cables. I

How do you connect two computers to one printer that is not networked?

Connect the printer to one of the computers and share it over the network.

How can you connect three computers to one printer?

create a network with the pc's and the printer on 1 router/switch

I am looking for a software that I can run several different computers remotely from one single computer?

Windows XP is a terminal service which is used to connect several computers to one can get more information by Google search.

Where can one purchase Windows Vista computers?

Window Vista is an operating system used on desktop and laptop computers. Windows Vista computers are computers that are compatible with the Windows Vista operating system. It is possible to purchase Windows Vista computers from any computer retailer, such as PC World or Currys.

What is windows sever?

windows server is a bunch of computers connected to one computer. they basically use the main computers mainframe

How do you connect four computers and make one a server?

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Have cable modem what is needed to connect three computers to internet?

It depends on model. Some modems come with a wireless router. If yours has wireless interface, you will able to connect your computers wirelessly. Usually what you have is a modem with one LAN port. If you want to connect your 3 computers to the same modem you need to get a wireless router. It will allow you to connect your computers using wireless or cable. Switch in such case might not work because of internet provider policy.

How to connect two computers to one printer?

install the printer on both computers using the disk provided

Is this is possible to connect two computers with LAN having different Operating System like one have Windows XP and other have Windows 7?

Yes,we can connect windows xp and windows7 pcs through LAN.but in both of the pcs the firewall should be off.We can connect windows PC and Linux PC also.but we should have to install samba server in Linux PC.samba server acts as an interface between the windows and Linux platform.I have answer this question as of my knowledge.please send me an acknowledgement if it need s any corrections. Thanks Rajesh

If you own three computers do you have to buy Windows 7 upgrade for each unit?

Yes. Windows 7 incorporates a licence key. Each key is unique, and will only activate on one computer.

What can Object Dock do to Windows computers?

Object Dock is an animated dock for Windows that enables one to quickly access and launch the favorite applications, files and shortcuts. It is a new interface for Windows computers.

How do you connect more computers via one network line?


Where can one purchase a computer running Windows XP?

As Windows XP is an older version of the current windows, computers being sold that run Windows XP will likely be used. Amazon has a large list of used computers that run Windows XP for sale.

Can you hook up one laptop windows 7 and two desktop computers running windows XP to one router?


Can Windows 7 be used on multi computers?

Windows 7 cannot be used on multiple computers. The license is only good for one computer unless you buy a corporate license which allows you to install it on multiple computers.

What kind computers do hp have?

H.P. builds all types of computers and installs Windows on every one they sell.

Where can someone download Windows Live Messenger for Mac computers?

Windows Live Messenger is now available for Mac computers. One can download this application on CNET and directly on the MSN Messenger by Windows Live site.

What is the process of sharing files between 2 or more computers?

To share files directly between two computers, connect your two computers to a switch or to a wireless router. If you don't have one, use a cross-over cable instead and connect the computers directly. Windows will recognize the network and ask how you want to connect. Click on the Windows button, click Computer. When the window pops up, click on the network button on the left side of the panel. Double click on the other persons computer. If you want to do it in an even easier way, get a cloud based web account with Google Drive or with Microsoft Skydrive. Copy your files to that account and give your friend access.

Examples of computer networks?

let me tell you first the network means combination of one or more computers . ways to connect the network there are three lan man wan hope that is good one.

How does one connect Ethernet cable splitter?

"An ethernet cable splitter allows you to connect two computers to one ethernet connection. Once you have your splitter made, you plug it into both computers just as you would with a normal ethernet cable."

We connect 8 computers to a statistical multiplexer at 56000 bits.second what is the maximum rate any one of the 8 computers can transmit?


Will I be able to connect more than one network hub to my computer?

A network hub is designed to connect multiple computers,so only one is neccessary.

How do you add windows computers to Mac computers?

If you mean adding a windows OS to your mac, then you have to buy the one that you want that are usually a couple hundred dollars, then go to bootcamp on your mac and install it on there.

How many computers can you install Windows 7 on?

With personal license only on one.

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