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first you have to bye either a wireless connection adapter or an internet cable.

internet cables are easy plug one end to your xbox and the other to the your router.

the wireless adapter you plug into your xbox(dont plug into a ps3 because there rubbish) and set up the settings and the put in your xbox live you bought (you have to buy xbox live or you cant go on line) have fun

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How do you connect to Xbox live when there is an update for Xbox live?

You must update your console with the provided update or you cannot connect to Xbox Live.

Do you have to have wireless internet to connect to Xbox live?

No, you can connect to Xbox live using a wired connection.

Does your computer have to be connected to connect to Xbox live?

No as long as you have a good Internet connection you can connect to xbox live

What is Xbox live gold membership?

It allows you to connect to xbox live.

Can you connect with Xbox live with Xbox Arcade?


Can you connect Xbox live with MY modify Xbox?


How can you get the web on your Xbox 360?

you would have to connect an ethernet cable or xbox 360 adapter to the back of the xbox to connect to xbox live

Can you connect Xbox live with the Xbox live cable in the box?

no, you need to take the cable out of the box first, plug it in, and connect.

How do you connect to Xbox live with out computer?

Well what you really need to connect to Xbox Live is a modem that can transfer internet reliability.

Can you on connect Xbox live when you have it?


Can you connect to Xbox live on your phone?


How do you connect to XBOX live wirelessly?

You can connect to xbox live wirelessly by buying a wireless adapter from gamestop and plug it in your usb port.

If you have Xbox Live do you have a bungie account?

no you have to make one then you have to connect your xbox live acc to it

Can Xbox live connect with PS3?

no they are two different systems PS3 can not be on Xbox live and Xbox can not be on the PlayStation network

How do you connect an Xbox live headphone to the Xbox?

you don't, it connects to the controller.

What ip address do you need in your Xbox to connect to Xbox live?

Can you connect the first Xbox to Xbox live?

yes you can but you need a router.

How do you get rid of Xbox live on the Xbox 360?

Dnt connect to the net

Xbox 360 will not connect to Xbox live when console is turned on?

Check your family settings or internet connection. Try plugging in a ethernet cable to your router and Xbox.. That should connect you to the internet and Xbox Live.

How do i connect to Xbox Live?

about £40 a year

How do you connect xbox live?

get Internet Connection

Can you connect to Xbox live with out a TV?


Can PS3 online connect with xbox live?


Can you connect to Xbox live with a flash drive?


Can you hook your Xbox 360 to Xbox live without having a computer?

to connect to xbox live you need a router or a modem