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How do you connect two computers to one monitor?

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You need to buy a KVM or KM switch also called a Keyboard/Video/Mouse switch which will allow you to swap between two or more PC using only 1 monitor. Good companies doing this are:

Belkin KVM
Cables to go KVM
Tripp Lite KVM
KVM Switches Online:

For example of KVM Switch:

For example of KM Switch:

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Can I Connect one monitor to two computers?

You can buy a switch box that have that allows you to connect two computers to one monitor and switch back and forth as you wish. You would three cables. I

Can you connect two computers to one monitor without using a switch?

I believe that it is possible to connect to computers to one monitor. I have worked with brand new LCD monitors with two inputs - one DVI and one VGA. The monitor auto-senses which port is being used. So in theory, use the auto detect button on the front of the LCD panel to switch between computers.

How do you connect two computers to one printer that is not networked?

Connect the printer to one of the computers and share it over the network.

Can you use a single modem to connect two computers?

If you want to connect two computers together, you do not need a modem for it. If you want to connect two computers together and connect both of them to internet yes you need a modem.

You have two computers sharing a common keyboard mouse and monitor and two different printers how can you connect both printers to both computers?

Use a cross over cable to connect computer to each other, and assign manual IPs. After that share you printers within of your network of two.

How can I use one monitor and keyboard with two computers?

It is very possible to have two computers and one monitor. You will need a Belkin switch. The Belkin switch connects the computers together as well as the monitor to give you more power. But the risk of having this can give you chance of crashes, mostly if the computer's aren't very good.

How to connect two computers to one printer?

install the printer on both computers using the disk provided

How do i hook up 2 computers to 1 monitor to transfer files?

You are ready to spend some money you can purchase a KVM switch which allows to connect two and more computers to one monitor (before you purchase it read carefully which kind of ports it supports, many of them don't support usb ports).

How many computers did the internet first connect?

Two computers

Can you connect two computers to one monitor and stay and work online with a network program?

You can connect two computers to one monitor using a KVM swtichbox. Check this product out at Switch Boxu can't connect one monitor in 2 computer.but u can use the monitor disply of other computer through one third party software like VNC Yes we can connect two computer with one monitor. but we cannot connect online with network programYou can connect two computers to one monitor with a KVM (keyboard-video-mouse) switch. Many KVM switches will allow you to connect 4 or 5 computers to one monitor, one keyboard, and one mouse. Have each computer selected when booting to ensure that the computer registers the keyboard and mouse, before changing to another computer. The computers will be connected to the network through their own cables and won't be affected by the KVM switch. Your network programs will work normally.If your monitor has two inputs then most likely you do not need any KVM switch. Just connect both PCs on each port; switching between comps is done usually by front knob. If there is only one input on monitor then you will need a KVM. Before buying this piece of hardware check your graphic cards outputs on each PC. These days most of the monitors have one DVI and one analog (D-SUB) input. While D-SUB is somehow unique, there are different versions of the DVI - DVI-I; DVI-I and DVI-A (check on two or more systems using one monitor can be done:using Remote AccessX11 servicesRemote Access will cause the console/desktop of the remote to be shown on the local monitor and give mouse,keyboard controlX11 (see link below) will give the same access to multiple systems at the same time each within its own window/frame. X11 has extra security consideration and caution should be exercised until one becomes familiar with X11 Security.Windows systems need both X11-Server and Client installs.

Can two computers share one monitor?

yes, you need a splitter cable. It connects to one monitor, keyboard and mouse, the plugs into two pc. You can then flick between them via keyboard shortcuts

Can you use two modems for two computers?

yes if both modems are registered with the cable company you can also connect one modem to both the computers

What is the device those connect two or more computer?

You can use the switch to connect the two or more computers. You can also connect them through wireless if connected computers are wireless enabled.

What do you need to connect two computers?

a cord

What are the functions of a monitor on a computer?

There are two types of monitor - a 'standard' one supplied with most computers, and a 'touch sensitive' one. A'standard' monitor only has one function - to display what the computer is doing for the benefit of the user. A 'touch sensitive' monitor is also an input device.

How connect the two computers without hub?

Connect them with an ethernet crossover cable.

How can I connect computer to computer without switch?

You can connect two computers directly, using a crossover cable. Note that this only works for two computers at a time; if you want to connect more computers, you should use a switch (and direct cables).

Is it possible to connect two Computers to a single monitor?

If your monitor has multiple inputs, than yes. However, most monitors do not, and even if they did, you would not be able to view both at once. You can get a device called a KVM switch that allows you to use one (K)eyboard, (V)ideo monitor, and (M)ouse with multiple computers... even if the monitor only has a single video input. You press a button on the KVM switch (or sometimes use a particular key combination on the keyboard) to switch between computers. This still doesn't allow you to see (or control) both computers at the same time, though.

Is it possible to link two computers togeher if they are right next to each other but only one has an internet connection?

Yes it is possible to connect two computers together

How do you connect two Macintosh?

You can buy a firewire cord. That is the fastest and easiest way to connect two computers.

How do you connect two computers without a switch?

Just connect computer to computer by crossing cable connect.

Can you run 2 computers on 1 monitor using dvi for one and analog for the other?

you can get a device called a KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) switch which allows you to use 2 computers with a single monitor,keyboard and mouse and you can switch between the two computers.The monitor has noway of deciphering the two signals coming in from the dvi and also the analog inputs. The monitor will only accept which input is set to priority. Which means you could use the monitor to make the switch by accessing the monitor settings and switching that way.

How can I connect two computers with lan?

To directly connect two computers together using an Ethernet Cable you need a special cable called an Ethernet Crossover Cable. It switches the connectors on one end so 'A' on one end is 'B' on the other, and visa versa.

How many computers were connect in the first network?


How do you connect the two computers without hub?