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Just connect the Ethernet cable (RJ-45 crossover) to the laptop .Then you will get the connection.

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How does a laptop computer connect to the internet?

Through either its wireless connection or through a ethernet port.

How do you connect your PS3 to the net through your laptop?

You connect the PS3 with WiFi or through the ethernet port to an ethernet cable from your Router or Cable / DSL modem. Your laptop might not have the correct connection and Internet Service Provider and most do not send out a WiFi for connection. PS3 needs broadband cable or DSL service provider and the required modems and routers to allow a WiFi or wired connection

Can you use a 3g card on playstation 3?

No you need a broadband or DSL WiFi or ethernet connection and can not connect through USB port

Describe the difference between connecting a computer to a dsl modem and connecting a computer to a dsl modem via usb.?

Ethernet is more reliable. USB speed depends on your CPU's load at the time, so if you are running a lot of programs at the same time, the available speed for USB ports is decreased, resulting in a slower connection. Connect with ethernet if possible. USB would be helpful though if you want to share your connection with, say, another computer of a gaming console through your ethernet. You could connect through USB and share through ethernet. But if you are just trying to connect to the internet with solely one computer, use ethernet.

Direct connection online through modem on ps3?

Just connect the PS3 to the Modem with a ethernet cable go to your settings menu and make the internet connection Fast easy and no WiFi

How do you connect a laptop through an Ethernet cord to your router?

All you need is an ethernet input on your laptop and a ethernet cable. Run the cable from the router output to the laptop input. Most wireless routers also include ethernet outputs in the back of the router. The laptop should discover the connection

How do you connect a sprint mobile broadband to a ps3?

You don't connect a phone for an online PS3 connection. PS3 will only accept WiFi or ethernet connection and not a USB connection. This is a Sony quote from the related link about the connection:"Also the PlayStation 3 is unable to connect to the Internet through the USB port, it must be connected via an Ethernet cord or via Wi-Fi network. You will not be able to use a USB adaptor or a cell phone USB adaptor with the PlayStation 3."

Do you need an Internet cord to play ps3 online?

The PS3 can connect to the internet with two different methods. The first is with the Built in WiFi connection that will allow you to connect to your internet service if you already have WiFi connection capability or you add it to you system. The second is a wired connection with an ethernet cable from the PS3 to you internet Modem or Router. Connection with dial up, USB or other devices is not possible as the connection must be through the ethernet port or WiFi signal.

Can you hook your Internet to PS3 by using just Ethernet cord and wireless Internet?

Yes that is correct the only way you can connect a PS3 to the internet is either through the Ethernet cable or through the WiFi wireless connection to a Broadband internet service. The USB ports can not be used to connect the PS3 to the internet in any manner.

Can you run ethernet cable from laptop to desktop to get on the internet?

No only through a router.

Is it possible to connect a computer to the internet through a laptop wireless connection using an ethernet cable?

Yes it is possible. It's called Ad-Hoc networking.

How do you use a laptop monitor for desktop?

You can either connect the laptop to your desktop monitor through the most common ways of VGA or HDMI. Note you must have VGA and HDMI built into your laptop and desktop to create a connection between the two.

How do you connect to the internet through a modem in Ubuntu?

It should be as simple as plugging the ethernet cable from the modem into the computer. Ubuntu is generally smart enough to figure out how to configure the connection.

How do you connect to the internet on PS3?

Either Wireless or Ethernet through a wireless or ethernet router that is not provided and neither is the Internet.

How do you connect a broadband kit to a Android tablet?

through Ethernet plug

Do you need wireless internet to go online with a ps2?

With the PlayStation 2, internet access can be enabled in a variety of methods, the most common of which is through a wired connection. Using the ethernet port on the back of the PlayStation 2, one can connect the PS2 system to the internet. However, if no ethernet connection is available, some third-party wireless adapters are available that can be used with the PS2 either through the USB or ethernet port.

What do you do to get PS3 live?

PlayStation Online is 100% free. All you have to do is connect your ps3 to the internet either through an ethernet cable or through wifi and internet connection settings in the ps3's XMB menu

How do you set remote desktop connection through internet in non lan or wan network machine?

Press Win+Pause, then Remote, then choose Allow users to connect remotely, then Select Remote Users, Add the user which you are going to use to connect to your PC. Usually it's that login which you use to log in locally. If you are using Windows firewall if you have to choose Remote Desktop from Exception list to allow connection to your PC through Remote Desktop Protocol. wasijshdhs

Can you hook up your ps2 to your wii through ethernet and get online connection for your ps2?

no you can not

Can you connect to a printer using an Ethernet?

I do it through a router. My cord is plugged into the router. The router is plugged into the printer. In theory we could download the stuff to connect the other computer to the printer through the wireless connection but since it is hooked up directly to a different printer, we don't bother.

How do you make a LAN using telephone line?

In order to have a phone line connection that is as fast as a Local Area Network connection, or almost as fast, you'd have to be connected via DSL. Verizon offers a really neat DSL; this is what I use to connect. DSL's connect through the Ethernet port on the back of the PC.

Does your home desktop computer have to be turned on in order to use wireless internet through a router for your laptop?

It depends on how it's set up. If the wireless router is connected directly to the service, you should be able to connect the laptop without the desktop being turned on. If the desktop is connecte directly to the service and the router feeds from the desktop... no, you'll need the desktop to be running. No Its Doesn't.You Just Need A Modem To Be Connected To The Desktop Computers Ethernet Port

Can you connect your internet using a USB?

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus... If you meant to ask if you can use your USB port to somehow connect to the internet, then yes. You can get a USB wireless (Wifi) adapter if you have a wireless network (or wireless router, connect to a high-speed internet connection like Cable, DSL, etc...) If you do not have, or don't want a wireless network but would still like to connect to the internet through Ethernet, but don't have an Ethernet network card on your computer, you can use a USB Ethernet adapter.

Which cable do you use to connect a cisco switch to a router?

A straight-through ethernet cable.

How would you access the internet with a laptop?

Either connect via a wireless network, connect through a 3G network or connect your laptop with an ethernet cable.