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Try the direct mcfly fanmail address that they recently posted on their myspace and official website. It may be .net (i have sent to both).

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Danny Jones McFly?

Yes Danny Jones is in McFly

Is Danny Jones mcfly single?

No, Danny Jones from Mcfly is dating Alice Spooner.

How old is Danny Jones from mcfly?

Danny Jones is 24

Does Danny Jones from mcfly have a child?


Is Tom Fletcher from MCFLY FROM Bolton?

No he's not Danny Jones from McFly is

Who is Danny Jones?

Danny Jones is in a band called McFly and is the main/lead guitarist.

Is Danny Jones from mcfly single?

Yes he is.

Does Danny Jones from mcfly have any children?


Which member from mcfly is from Bolton?

Danny Jones.

Who is the best looking in mcfly?

Danny Jones

What height is Danny Jones from McFly?


How old is Danny Jones mcfly?

Danny Jones is 24 and Has been since March 12th 2010

Danny Jones girlfriend?

Danny Jones from McFly is in a relationship with Alice Spooner and she loves him very much.

What English musical group is Danny Jones in?


Where was Danny Jones out of mcfly born?

Bolton, England

Is Danny Jones mcfly really fit?

Danny is totaly fit and cute

Who is Danny Jones from McFLY dating?

Danny is currently dating Alice Spooner.

Is he 21 Danny mcfly?

Danny Jones Is Currently 22 he will be 23 in March

Who is Danny mcfly?

Danny Jones is the lead guitarist and singer in the band called 'McFLY'. In many interviews or captions they refer him to 'Danny McFLY' so people know who he is and what band they are referring too.

Does mcfly have Irish relations?

Danny Jones is from Irish descent.

Is Danny Jones from mcfly a virgin?

Most definitely not. Dougie has it.

Is Danny Jones from mcfly engaged?

No, but he is dating Alice Spooner.

Who is the lead singer of McFly?

Danny Jones and Tom Fletcher

Danny Jones from mcfly you are my man i love you i am going out with you together with me?


What instrument does Danny Jones play out of mcfly?

He plays the guitar.

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