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How do you contact Eminem?


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Currently the only way to contact Eminem as a fan is to send him fan mail at his official fan mail address.

Fan mail address:


MGMT Entertainment

9220 Sunset Blvd.

Suite 106

West Hollywood, CA 90069



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If want to contact Eminem and you do not have his number you can opt to use Twitter. Compose a tweet and mention him. He will see your mention.

You don't he hates it when people contact him

Well, he lives in his mansion in Detroit. You can contact him on Sirius/ Shade 45, his radio.

There is no Official fan email address for Silm Shady aka Eminem. You can contact him the following ways through his website www.eminem.com. His twitter page www.twitter.com/eminem or his myspace account www.myspace.com/eminem.

You can reach Eminem, the rapper, by contacting his fan site or his agency. The best contact address is Eminem Shady Records, 270 Lafayette Suite 805, New York, NY 10012, USA.

I am Eminem pretending to be Krish Khanna

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Eminem is called Eminem because his name is Marshall Mathers and his initials are M.M and it sounds like Eminem.

Watcjh his movie 8 mile...thts how Eminem became Eminem(:

To contact EminemYou can send a letter to his fan mail address: EminemICM Los Angeles10250 Constellation BoulevardLos Angeles, CA 90067USAOREminemShady Records,270 Lafayette Suite 805,New York, NY 10012,USAOrEminemThe Schiff Company, Llc8440 Warner DriveSuite B1Culver City, CA 90232USAWebsite: www.eminem.com/Twitter:twitter.com/EmiNeMMyspace: www.myspace.com/eminemFacebook: www.facebook.com/eminemIMDB:www.imdb.com/name/nm0004896/

I believe that "Stan" by Eminem feat Dido is based on a true story. Stan was Eminem's biggest fan who valued Eminem over his pregnant girlfriend who he abused. Stan made many attempts in trying to contact Eminem through letters, but Eminem was so busy it took him a while to respond. Stan began to believe that Eminem didn't care about his fans and purposefully did not respond. He began to grow extremely angry (yes, he was insane) and decided to commit suicide by driving off of a bridge with his girlfriend tied up in the trunk. Eminem finally responded but it was too late. Eminem realized that the Stanley he saw in the newspaper was him.

Sure is EminEm popular!! =| Sure is EminEm popular!! =|

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Eminem! Eminem, but B.O.B. is pretty close.

Ou can call hI'm but has a private number so it won't work

Eminem is usually called Eminem because his real name is MARSHALL MATHERS thus if you say the initials of his name which is M & M then it is EMINEM.

No, Eminem is NOT a satanist.

no eminem is not greedy...

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Eminem is not a Freemason.

No!, Eminem is not an alien..

No. Eminem is not dead.

eminem is from Detroit.

No, Eminem was not a boxer.

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