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I have a term life insurance policy that was fully paid in 1980. This policy is through Security Life Insurance Company of Georgia. How do I cash this policy in? I am unable to find the company !

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Q: How do you contact Life of Georgia insurance company?
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How do you contact Security Life Insurance Company of Georgia?

I have a term life insurance policy that was fully paid in 1980. This policy is through Security Life Insurance Company of Georgia. How do I cash this policy in? I am unable to find the company !

What happened to life insurance company of Georgia in atlanta?

what happened to Life Insurance company of Georgia

Security Trust Life Insurance Company Macon Georgia?

What is security trust life insurance company macon Gao

How do I contact Southland Life Insurance Company of Dallas Texas?

How do I contact Southland life?

Will my husband's life insurance company contact if I do not who to contact?

If the subject matter necessiates contact, then the Insurance company is bound to contact through mail,phone call, even personal visit. If it is in the negative, then contract the Branch Manager of the Life Insurance Company for the needful.

Does axa insurance operate in Georgia?

The AXA Equitable Life insurance Company does operate in Georgia. They have an office on Peachtree Street in Atlanta, Georgia.

How do you get a health and life insurance license in the state of Georgia?

Contact the Georgia Department of Insurance. You must meet their requirements and pass a test.

How do you locate an old life insurance policy for a company call life of Georgia?

Life of Georgia is an old life insurance company that was primarily a debit company which means it was the type that sold insurance at the person's home and an agent would go around the route and collect the premiums directly from the customers. It was purchased by Jackson National Life Insurance Company some time back. You never hear about a life insurance company going out of business. In order to maintain the reputation of the industry, another company will always purchase the insurance company so that no client ever loses money in the collapse of a company. You can find out the contact information by looking on their website st the link below.

How do you contact Southland life insurance company?

Southland Life Insurance Company P.O. Box 105006 Atlanta, Georgia 30348-5006 or 5780 Powers Ferry Rd Nw Atlanta, GA 30327 (770) 850-7750

Has life insurance company of Georgia changed names?

The company has pretty much always been known as Life of Georgia, so, no it has not changed names.

Can you pay your life insurance premium online?

Contact your life insurance company and they can tell you if you can pay online

How do you contact Georgia international life insurance company to file a claim?

EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 1, 1997 GEORGIA INTERNATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY MERGED WITH AND INTO INTEGON LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION. EFFECTIVE APRIL 30, 1998 INTEGON LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION CHANGED THEIR NAME TO SECURITY LIFE AND TRUST INSURANCE COMPANY. SECURITY LIFE & TRUST INSURANCE COMPANY MERGED WITH AND INTO SOUTHWESTERN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, THE SURVIVING COMPANY, EFFECTIVE JUNE 30, 2000. FFECTIVE 12/28/2006, SOUTHWESTERN LIFE INSURANCE CO. MERGED WITH AND INTO VALLEY FORGE INSURANCE CO. Valley Forge Insurance Company 333 S. Wabash, 32S Chicago, IL 60685 877-584-1260 Please contact our office again if you have any additional questions or concerns. Sincerely, Keith Shadix, Supervisor - Intake Unit Consumer Services Division Georgia Department of Insurance Suite 716, West Tower 2 Martin Luther King, Jr., Drive Atlanta, Georgia 30334 Fax 404-657-8542

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