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Q: How do you contact ups by phone about a shipment?
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How long does a UPS ground shipment take from Oregon to Florida?

5 business days.

What is the phone number to UPS HR at 5431 W 81st St Indianapolis?

According to UPS, you need to use the contact form, and the proper person will call you. There is a link to the form provided below.

What is Shonen Jump magazine's phone number?

Shipment jump phone number

Where can one schedule a UPS pickup?

A quick and easy way to schedule UPS pick up is to go to their USP website. They have live chat and also phone number where you can contact them personally to schedule a pick up

What is the customer service phone number for the UPS?

The customer service phone number for UPS is 1-800-742-5877. This phone number supposedly has the shortest waiting time and UPS will return the call if the customer doesn't want to wait.

Ups phone number in hodgkins?

The number for the Hodgkins branch of ups is

Where can one find information on UPS numbers?

To find phone numbers for specific UPS departments, one should check out the official UPS website. UPS's main phone number is 1-800-PICK-UPS. They can also be contacted through email on their website.

Can a amazon parcel be delivered on a Sunday?

Depends on the method of shipment. USPS won't deliver on a Sunday. FedEx, UPS, and DHL will.

What is the phone number for ups in Raleigh North Carolina?

The phone number for the UPS in Raleigh, North Carolina is 919 255 9084. The toll free number for the UPS is 800 742 5877.

What is the phone number for the UPS customer service?


What is the phone number for ups in Lafayette Indiana?


What is shake it ups phone number from Disney channel?

What is shake it UPS number

How can one send something with UPS in Australia?

The best way to send something with UPS in Australia would be to first create a label (one may need a label printer for this task). The easiest way to ship with UPS would to be to do it all online on the website. First, one would go to create a shipment from the shipping tab. Then, there is a series of questions to be answered such as where is the item being shipped to and where is the item coming from. After entering shipment details the website will create the label for you, all you have to do is print it. Finally, you place the item in a box that can be supplied by UPS and stick the label to it. Then, bring the package to any UPS shipping location in the area and UPS will do the rest.

What is ups unauthorized CBS package charge?

A CBS package charge with UPS is a consignee billing and service charge. You will need to contact UPS and see why you had this charge.

Can a phone system be plugged into same wall outlet as ups?

If your phone system is a PBX then yes you can plug it on the same outlet where a UPS is plugged. You can even plug your PBX system to the UPS so when there's a power failure you can still have few minutes source to power your phone system.

What is the phone number to ups warehouse in shelby nc?

UPS Warehouses do not allow incoming calls.

Contact number of apc smart ups in kerala?

one ups apc switch booton problem

How do you change the name on ups worldship label?

The people at UPS are able to talk you through how to do that. Please contact your local office.

What is the phone number for the UPS Customer Center located in Vinita Ok?

The phone number for UPS customer service is 800-742-5877. The UPS center is located at 440 Eastern State Hospital Rd in Vinita, OK.

Phone number for UPS that is NOT a 1-800 number?


Where could one find a tracking number on a UPS package?

Whenever a package is accepted by UPS for shipment, a label with the delivery address and a bar code is attached to the package. The tracking number is always on this label, usually under the bar code.

What is the phone number for UPS Retirement Plan Administrator?

I need to talk to someone about having my retirement check changed to a different place?

Contact@ 1866-29O-7467 KASPERSKY _tEch_Support _ Phone NumberACC?

Contact@ 1866-29O-7467 KASPERSKY _tEch_Support _ Phone NumberACC?Contact@ 1866-29O-7467 KASPERSKY _tEch_Support _ Phone NumberACC?Contact@ 1866-29O-7467 KASPERSKY _tEch_Support _ Phone NumberACC?Contact@ 1866-29O-7467 KASPERSKY _tEch_Support _ Phone NumberACC?Contact@ 1866-29O-7467 KASPERSKY _tEch_Support _ Phone NumberACC?

How do you contact UPS corporate?

UPS Corporate Headquarters 55 Glenlake Parkway, NE Atlanta , GA30328 Tel.: 1-800-PICK-UPS Fax: 404-828-7666

How can one contact UPS customer service?

To contact UPS customer service, one should use the customer service number provided on their official webpage. Alternatively, email them with one's details.