How do you control earthquakes?


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Earthquakes cannot be controlled.

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we can control earthquakes by constructing earthquake prone houses

Earthquakes can not be controlled.

Scientists have no power to control earthquakes, nor to specifically predict them, but a logical area that the earthquakes would take place is along the plates of the earths crust. (Their shifting leads to earthquakes)

The number and force of earthquakes are beyond mankinds ability to control. There is nothing we can do that will affect the frequency of earthquakes.

Yes, he can because he is the god of earthquakes. Along with the ocean and horses.

No. Hurricanes and earthquakes are natural phenomena that cannot be controlled.

Earthquakes are something you can not control as they are a natural disaster

Earthquakes can't be stopped. They are a natural event and man has no control over them.

Earthquakes are a natural phenomenon. The human race cannot control or reduce them !

He could control water, earthquakes, and horses.

He could summon and control water,communicate with horses and pegasi,shipwrecks,hurricanes,earthquakes,and the ability to inhale underwater.Control over water, shipwrecks, hurricanes, earthquakes, communication with horses.

Poseidon is the Greek God of oceans, horses and earthquakes. he has control over anything to do with the sea

he could control water and make earthquakes

well he has control over earthquakes,the sea,and horses

Humans have no more control over the climate than they have over volcanoes or earthquakes.

By constructing buildings and structures that are earthquake resistant.

Posiden is the God of The Sea, so he can control the movement of the water and also earthquakes

Hurricanes, earthquakes, wild fires, tsunamis - things that nature control.

Posiden's animal in the horse and his area of control is the sea or earthquakes.

Zeus is able to control the sky. Poseiden was able to control the seas and earthquakes and horses. Hades was the master of the Underworld and could control the dead.

Poseidon was war-like, moody, and unpredictable. He could control the sea and earthquakes.

You can't.... but you can detect earthquakes while they occur. Currently, there are no devices that can detect an earthquake beforehand.

Earthquakes are more dangerous.

Poseidon had total control over the seas. He can sometimes even cause earthquakes.

Poseiden can control they water and sea and can make earthquakes.

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