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To convert 480 to 120 a transformer will have to be used. The transformer needs to be the right voltage and amp rating to handle the load that will be connected on the 120 side.

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Can you feed a 208v 200amp panel from 480v 20amp circuit?

Not directly, you would need to transform 480v circuit to 120v with a transformer first.

What is the max amps output if a transformer is 50kVA 480V going in step down to 120V and 240V?

416 A and 208 A respectively

Why is it important to know the difference between 120 volt 3 phase and 480 3 phase?

480v 3phase is dangerous than 120v 3phase.

Can you take single phase of 120V with a hot wire and a neutral step up to 480v and then step down to 2 phases of 120V or do you have to input 2 phases of 120v to get 240V out?

Theoretically that can be done with transformers, but the power available would still be limited by the circuit breaker on the original 120 v supply.

How can you convert a 240v clothes dryer to 120v can you use to different outlettes?

You cannot use 2-120v outlets to power a 240v dryer. You can convert a 240v dryer outlet to power 2-120v outlets if they are supplied with a neutral. This requires a competent electrician. Do not do this yourself.

How do you convert 120v ac to 6 volt dc?

use a transformer

What is low voltage transmission?

In the supply industry it refers to circuits of below 1000 volts. Common voltages used are 120v, 208v, 230v, 240v, 277v, 400v, 415v, 480v.

Why Lighting Transformers are used?

Lighting transformers are used to convert 120V to 12V.

Can you convert 120v household into 220v 3 phase for a machine?

You can buy a converter.

What is the voltage from line to neutral for three phase systems?

It is the line to line voltage divided by 1.73. 600V / 1.73 = 347V 480V / 1.73 = 277V 380V / 1.73 = 220V 208V / 1.73 = 120V

Can you use a 30 amp disconnect switch for a 30 kva transformer?

im have a 30 kva transformer 3 phase 480v 80 amp panel 120v what size disconnect should I use

480 transformer to 120 ac current what is the kva on transfomer?

The kVA rating will be listed on the transformer's nameplate, which is usually on the front of the transformer. The 480v to 120v is irrelevant, because many transformers with different kVA ratings convert 480 volts to 120 volts. The kVA ratings can be different and thus affect the rated current through the transformer.

How do you convert 480v to 277v?

Mathematically, just divide 480 by the square root of three. Electrically, 480V refers to the line-to-line value of a three phase system. For example, measure the voltage across A-phase and B-phase and you'll get 480V. 277V is the line-to-neutral value. Measure the voltage across A-phase and the neutral conductor and you should get 277V.

What size breaker to feed a 15kva 480v transformer?

3 phase 480v 20amp ckt

How do you convert from 480 volt to 220 volt or 110 volt?

AC voltage conversions are usually done with transformers. Most commonly, a 3 phase 277/480v system is transformed to a 3 phase 120/208v system. You can, however transform to anything you like with the proper transformer. If you are trying to convert 480v single phase to 240v single phase, such as for home use, then ask for that type transformer. It would use only 2 phases of the 3 phase system. Using 2 phases is called single phase and there are reasons for this that are beyond the scope of this answer. 220v and 110v are field measurements of what is considered 240v and 120v when ordering equipment or applying code.

Can you convert a 480 V appliance to 220V?

You would be better to use a 220/480 transformer to provide the 480v, rather than try to modify the appliance

What KVA transformer is needed to convert 480v - 240v single phase 13.5A load?

240v x 13.5A = 3.24kVA, single phase transformer.

Is it possible to convert a 120V receptacle on a power generator to a 240V receptacle?

You can using a transformer, but you won't have as many amps available. 5000 watt generator @ 120v = 41.66 amps 5000 watts / 240v = 20.83 amps

How can you convert a 120V box to 240V for AC?

It can't be "converted", you have to run a 220 line and have a 220 breaker and plug installed.

Can you convert a 120 volt Yamaha clavinova to 240 volts?

Electronic technician will convert in no time. You need 240v power transformer in place of same wattage 120V. Super easy.

Master reset code for samsung sgh-480v?

Go into settings. There should be a reset icon or menu item.

How do you power a 480V device from 120V home or kitchen outlet?

A: My advice is do not try it 120 v will require 480v /120 or 4 times the current. assuming 100% efficiency. a transformer can do it but there will be a loss of 20% . House wiring is 15 amps per circuit . So if your whatever unit needs more the 3 amps it just cannot be done. A PWM can also do this job more efficiently but then again the total power is in question.

How is 480V converted to 277V?

3 phase 480V is three phases of 277V in other words if you have a 480V three phase panel each single breaker is a 277V feed if this doesn't answer your question ask it in a little more detail

How many output amps is a 75 kva 208v-480v?

On the 208v side: 208 amps On the 480v side: 90 amps Transformers are generally used from higher voltage to lower voltage but they can be used in either direction.

120V light fixtures wall mounted you want to convert to 240V for a house overseas?

It will work it you use 240 volt light bulbs.