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How do you convert DC to AC in an oscillator?

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that is the function of the oscillator

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What is difference between generator and oscillator?

A generator is used to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy. An oscillator is used to convert dc to ac

What is another name for rectifier convert dc to radio waves ac?

You cannot use a rectifier to go from DC to AC. You need an oscillator.

Why does a rectifier not convert DC to AC?

Some operations are not reversible, rectification is one.To convert DC to AC electronically you need a circuit called an inverter. This involves an oscillator and power amplifier or power switching circuits.

Why does Jim use dc supply in oscillator circuits?

Jim use dc supply in oscillator circuits to and ac out put.

How a ballast resistor convert DC into ac?

A resistor, by itself, can not convert DC into AC.

Why we use oscillator to convert DC into AC?

An oscillator is capable to oscillate an output about a mean with certain predetermined frequency. The AC being a periodically oscillating can thus be generated using an oscillator with fixing the amplitude of the signal preferably using a multiplier (with a steady value) or an amplifier. This feature is typically helpful for eg. in control systems in drives. There are of course other ways to produce AC from DC quantities too.

How ac change to DC?

by the use of inverter we can convert ac to dc.

What type of electrical equipment cannot convert AC into DC?

A transformer cannot convert AC into DC.

Circuit use for convert AC to DC?

to convert ac to dc you will need a rectifier diode and a capacitor

How you convert DC TO ac?

we can convert a dc supply to an ac supply using inverters. Its a common operation which we observe in our daily lives dc can be converted to Ac using an undulator.

How do you convert 23 voltage DC to 230 Voltage AC?

How do you convert 23 voltage DC to 230 Voltage AC?

Out put of inverter is ac or DC?

output of inverter is ac, the function of inverter is to convert the dc to ac.

What device converts dc current to ac current?

An inverter can convert DC to AC.

Instrument used for conversion of DC to ac?

We use the "MOTOR GENERATOR SET" to convert the DC power to AC power we use DC motor and ac generator in it. It is very efficient way to convert the DC power to AC power.

Does a transformer convert DC current to AC?

A transformer is a device to convert high voltage AC to low voltage AC & vice-versa. It works on the principle of induction. Since induction occurs only in an AC supply, a transformer cannot work on DC.. So, it is not possible to convert DC supply to AC using transformer. You would need an inverter to convert DC to AC.

Is it normal for a welding machine to convert AC to DC?

Yes, it is normal for a welding machine to convert AC voltage to a DC voltage.

What part are different between dc motor and ac motor?

DC motor has commutator to convert AC into DC. but incase of AC there is no commutator

How do you conyert AC to DC?

You rectify AC voltage through a diode bridge to convert it to DC.

What component converts AC into clean DC power?

By using rectification we can convert the AC into DC....

What types of device changes dc to ac?

An inverter, which is basically an oscillator hooked in with some amplifiers.

How dc power is converted into ac power in inverter?

Dc is used to power an oscillator circuit of which the frequency can be controlled such as 60 HZ.

Is bulb contains a rectifier to convert ac to dc?

No. A bulb can run a AC just a easily as DC.

What is the use of inverter?

It can convert DC to AC.

How do you build a dc to dc converter?

A DC to DC converter is basically a type of switching power supply. The switcher converts the input DC to AC. A transformer is used to convert the AC to the desired voltage. A rectifier, filter, and optional regulator is used to convert the AC back to DC.

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