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You cannot. A CD-ROM has no circuitry to decode an MP3 nor any way to play an MP3.

All the CD-ROM can do is read the data for transfer to a more intelligent device.

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Q: How do you convert a CD-ROM drive to an MP3 player?
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Does a mp3 player have an flash drive?

Yes, certain mp3 players do have a flash drive. It would depend on which model of mp3 player you purchased as to if that mp3 player does have a flash drive.

Why does the drive for your sharper image mp3 player say it has the songs on there but when you unplug it and look for them on your mp3 player they arent there?

The songs are on the drive, not the MP3 player. If you unplug the drive the MP3 player won't see the songs.

Do I need to convert song to MP3 before drag and drop to MP3 player?


what does the phrase mp3 player flash drive mean?

A mp3 player flash drive is used to store the data for an mp3. The bigger the flash drive, the more songs one is able to hold (

How do you put videos on your mp3 player for free?

On ITunes, you just convert the song format to mp3.

How can cassetee car stereo be converted into that running pen drive songs?

You cannot cheaply 'convert' a car cassette stereo to accept a usb pen drive. You can get a cassette - to - ipod adapter that allows you to plug a MP3 player through a cable into an adapter that loads into the cassette slot. Pick up a cheap MP3 player and copy the MP3 files from the pen drive into the player. A new stereo with USB input can be purchased for under $50.00

How do you transfer music from PS3 hard drive to mp3 player?

Plug in the MP3 into the PS3 and if the PS recognizes it just copy the files for the HDD to the MP3 player

Where do you download music and videos for your ematic mp3 player?

Go to to convert video into an mp3 file.

Why wont your mp3 player play music it just says format error?

You did not use the software that came with the player to convert the music to the format the the mp3 player was designed to play.

How do you convert mp3 to iPod format?

You can convert with real player for free. Real player is application and can be downloaded from internet. See related links.

Can you download your own music on a mp3 player?

Yes, just load the mp3 file into your media program, and then sync it to the portable player. If your music is not in mp3 or wma format, you will need to convert it to one of these formats.

What mp3 player has the most space for songs?

A hard-drive based MP3 player has the ability to store maximum number of songs;ranging upwards of 60GB of hard drive space, you can store 15,000 songs and more songs a prime example could AppleiPod MP3 player.

You transfered a CD to my music library and then transfered the music from your library to your gigaware mp3 player but the music won't play what do you do?

the format on the CD is not mp3... so you have to convert it to mp3

Can you convert a YouTube video into a file?

Yes, you can convert a YouTube video into an MP3 file to listen on your computer or even your iPod or MP3 player. Here is one of the many websites that are able to convert it for you:

How do you put your purchased songs from iTunes to your mp3?

you need to remove iTunes DRM protection, convert iTunes M4A M4B AAV songs to MP3 and then you can transfer to MP3 Player.

How do you convert omg format into mp3?

Yes , I can Try to convert omg format into mp3.

Can you take music off your flash drive and put it on your mp3 player?

first you would have to put your music onto itunes and then plug your mp3 player in and download them on it.

How do you convert video for invion mp3 player?

AnswerYou can use the all music converter and it can convert video to all audio formats like mp3, aac, FLAC, etc. It is very easy to use.

How do you convert music CD to mp3 files?

Rip the songs from the CD onto your computer as a file then send those files to your mp3 player.

Where to convert songs to MP3?

people using windows based computers can change the song format to mp3 using the windows media player.

Where can you convert CD to mp3?

You can convert a CD to MP3 using a disk burner. A disk burner will burn the information on a CD and convert it to MP3 format where you can listen to the music.

Where online can someone find a program to convert videos from YouTube to an MP3 player?

Some websites that one can convert YouYTube videos into MP3 include you-tube-to-mp3. These websites are highly subject to rules of copyright and certain videos cannot be converted.

How do you download to a 1GB Craig mp3 player?

Most mp3 players will show up like a flash drive when you plug them in to your computer. Just go to "my computer" in windows when it is plugged in and you can click and drag songs onto the mp3 player. It will probably show up as a removable drive.

How do you transfer songs from a media player to an MP3 player?

Windows Media Player uses WMA format most of the time. This needs to be converted to MP3 format for playing on MP3 player. All to All - Audio Conversion Wizard is a good program to covert WMA to MP3. Your mp3 player will have a usb cable to connect to the computer, then drag and drop the MP3 song files to the drive on MY Computer that is your MP3 player. If your player is not showing up, then reload the drivers disk for the player onto the computer so it can recognize your player. this is not the same question dumb butt!

What is meant by mp3 player?

An MP3 player is a device that can store, and when activated, interpret and convert the data inherent in an MP3 file into low voltage electrical signal patterns that will be converted to sound/vibrations when sent to a speaker/headphone device.