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How do you convert a c file to a dll file?

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2006-09-28 11:28:46

Hi, Creating dll is pretty easy if you have Microsoft visula

studio.. The basic concept is as follows: 1)Create new project and

choose a win 32 - dll from the projects 2) Append the following

line before every class declaration class _declspec ( dllexport )

Eg. class _declspec ( dllexport ) cComplex { public: cComplex(float

a= 0.0, float b = 0.0); private: float real; float img; }; 3)

Similarly if u are using any function just append _declspec (

dllexport ) before function. 4) for consuming or using that dll

just mention dllimport in place of dllexport Thats all for now,

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