How do you convert a car to run on water?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Q: How do you convert a car to run on water?
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What is the cheat code in GTA3 to run car in water?

seaways for run a car in water....

How do you convert a car to run on water and gas?

A car will not run on water. The closest you can get is by turning water into hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis and burning that. The problem is that it takes more energy to break water apart than you can get back when burning it do to losses from friction, heat, etc. If it worked you would have a perpetual motion machine.

What is the purpose of hydrogen kits?

The purpose of Hydrogen kits are to convert your car to run on water. You will get better millage and all around better for mother nature

How can you make your car run on water?

You can make a car run on water if you diffuse oxygen and hydrogen and use hydrogen in your internal combustion engine!But then it is not running on water which was the question. It is running on Hydrogen. So the answer is still NO, you cannot run a car on water.

How long does a car run with 1 gallon of water?

Usually a car does not run on water. If you have water in your gas you can put in some dry gas and be fine.

How do you get to Jamaica by car?

Unless you have a car that can run on land AND water, you're SOL...

Can you run your car on water?

If it's a normal car, then u won't be able to run it on water, but if it's a car mixed with the shape of a boat, u'll be able to run it car on water. I saw special buses for tourists in Boston, USA that look like ducks! They are called Boston Duck Tours. They work as cars on land and as boats on water. ****************************************************************** To allow you to run your car on water, you will need to modify your car to allow it to split water molecules. This splitting process called electrolysis cannot be performed by your conventional car unless you modify it.

Does the car water pump make the car stop working?

no but if you try to run the car with the water pump out you could overheat your engine

Can water fuel run the car?

Yes if it has a steam engine

Will a car run if the water pump is bad?

Only until it overheats.

Will bad water pump make car run hot?


What suplies is needed to run a car washing service?

Soap and water