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What are the requirements of a file to be HTML file, just it has to be able to view the file in web browser. SO, probably the answer would be to change the doc file extension to HTML.

Either you can embed the doc file into a web page or save it as .HTML or .htm file

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 00:47:07
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Q: How do you convert a doc file into HTML using aspnet?
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How you convert pdf file into html file?

You cannot convert PDF to HTML file format. However HTML can be converted via some JS and jQuery

How do you convert HTML to CSS?

You can't convert a HTML into CSS in the same way you can convert, say a .wmv file to a .mpg file. CSS is a way to style HTML items but doesn't use the same language as HTML. There may be software solutions that may be able to extract the styling instructions written in HTML and convert the language into CSS but failing that you'll have to rewrite the HTML styling into CSS manually. Whilst you can have CSS and HTML in the same .html document generally the CSS will be the styling and the HTML will be the content. I say 'generally' because it is possible to add 'content' using CSS and to still style using HTML within the same document.

How do you convert GIFF image to HTML?

You cannot convert an image to a markup file.

How can one convert a PSD file to a HTML file?

There are many tutorials online which will teach you how to convert a PSD file to an HTML file. There are also automatic converters you can purchase that will make the task much less onerous.

How do you add a file to an website in connect with a database using aspnet with c?

Via FTP.

How do you convert an HTML pic to a jpeg?

You can download a picture in an HTML page to any format. The download="file-name.jpg" can be used to convert it.

How do you write project description of college website using aspnet?

ASP.NET is not a programming language. However to come back to your question, you can use a label control to write the description. I prefer to use HTML file rather than an ASPX file for such requirements.

How do you open HTML in computer?

you open a HTML file using your internet browser

How do you convert a HTML file into JPEG file?

An HTML file is being printed to the screen by the browser. To convert what is on the screen you can take a screen shot. Some sites have the ability to save the page as PDF which is basically an image file like a JPG. The PDF file can then be saved as a JPG.

How do you convert a HTML file into word file?

When the HTML file is located locally, you can open the HTML file to Word and then save it as a Word file. However, as webpages are made to fit a screen instead of on paper, the site may not look as desired when saving it as Word document.

What are the ways for javaScript to be inserted in an HTML file?

JavaScript can be inserted in an HTML file using Script Tag. Src with the file location can be used to import it.

How do you convert .html to .jpg in OS10?

.html is not an image file, so it can't be converted to .jpg unless the .html file has images in it, in which case you would show extensions and then click in the name box and change .html to .jpg

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