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I bought a device that slips over each spout that has a spout. When u turn on hot or cold or together it comes out of the one spout. The couplings that slip over hot and cold spout has a rubber bushing that seals around it. It also adjust on the piping to adjust between the varying distances on your hot and cold spout. I haven't been able to find another one. I bought it 10 years ago at an old Plumbing store in Nashville TN (Cohen Plumbing)

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You can't convert a 2 hole faucet into a 1 hole faucet . - However, you CAN fit a 1 hole faucet where a 2 hole faucet used to be. Almost all 1 hole faucets come with a base plate that covers 2 holes for that very reason.

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Q: How do you convert a two hole faucet into a one hole faucet?
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