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How do you convert kilojoules into grams?


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February 05, 2010 6:58PM

One Joule equals 0.101972 Kgf m, so

one kiloJoule equals 101.972 Kgf m or 101972 gf m


You're asking me to convert an energy value into a mass value? OK, then I will use E=MC^2. This hints on the fact that energy and mass and interchangeable.


E = energy in joules

M = mass in kg

C = light speed in m/s = 300000000m/s is a constant

kilojoules into grams:

rearrange above equation:

M = E / C^2

now if you were putting kilo joules into the equation you would need to divide by 1000 to get no of kg of mass, but then you're interested in no grams, which requires you to multiply by 1000, which cancels the whole thing out in above equation. therefore above equation is complete when working in kilojoules and grams.