How do you convince your parents to move back home?

 0. tell your mom you want to move back home.

                                                                                                                               1. if it didnt work pretend people at school are bullying you.

2. if that don't work like you thought start keeping a fake journal and write all of your "personal" thoughts about the school your at now and the school you wanted to be at.

3. get all of the black clothes you can find and act emo and wear lots of gross make-up.

4. if it still does'nt work make sure you have evryone fooled that you are emo and stay out really late.

5. people will really start bullying you and then you make fake bruises with make-up.

6. tell your mom or dad that you cant handle life with out your old home anymore and 50 50 percent chances are you will move back home