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Q: How do you convince your sister not to come some where with you?
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Use the word convince in a sentence?

It didn't take much to convince the jury.How can I convince you to come on a date?

How can my step sister get mental help?

my question is how can i convince my brother in law to get my sister to mental health

How do you convince your sister to take you to the beach?

Ask her - she can only say yes or no.

How can you convince your sister to experiment with you sexually?

It's not adviseable - incetuous activity can cause serious psychological damage to you and your sister.

How do convince someone that you are gay?

Come on to them.

If your going out with your friends sister and hes mad at you then what do you do?

prove/convince him that you're not a horndog bent on stripping his poor sister of her innocence.

How do you convince your teenage sister that she should visit a gynecologists?

Tell her that she could be infected

How do you convince your mom your sister has kissed a guy?

You can't. It's not really your business.

How to get a sister to do dishes without paying her?

It's best to convince her! Or even try to bribe her.

How could I get one direction to come to my bday party?

It would be very hard to convince them, unless you have some serious dough.

What if your sister has a boyfriend and my parents dont no?

Well, if you know that she has a boyfriend that's great. But never let your parents know. Let your sister tell them. Talk with your sister and convince her to tell your parents.

Pictures of Nicki Minaj and her sister?

*Search at Google Images or Yahoo Images 'Nicki Minaj and Her Sister' and some pictures will come out