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You need to add a tenderizer. Usually the powdered form or lemon juice is ideal.

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Q: How do you cook chicken liver as tender as if you pressure cooked them?
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Is chicken liver good for children?

Yes, properly cooked chicken liver is very healthy food for children. Liver from organically raised chicken is particularly good.

Do turtles eat chicken liver cooked or raw?


Can my miniature schnauzer eat cooked chicken liver?

Yes, it is possible.

How do you tell when chicken liver is fresh?

reddish brown, frsh looking and should NOT be tender

Can dogs eat chicken liver?

Yes Dogs can eat Chicken Liver and Beef Liver. I boil them in water until not pink, and use the water for dry food gravy. They are great for training you dog also. My Dog loves livers.

Fatine refers to what part of the chicken?

The fatine of the chicken refers to the heart an liver. Chicken fatines are most commonly used in elaborate meals, where they're cooked with garlic, tomato, basil, and olive oil.

What lives in the beach?

chicken liver chicken liver crab

What happens if you eat chicken liver with sinew?

Chicken liver and sinew are perfectly edible. Chicken liver is a delicacy. The sinew may be a little chewy, but harmless.

Who eats liver?

Many folks eat liver. It can be fairly healthy to eat depending on how it is cooked. Obviously, if it is fried in a lot of grease, it won't be the most healthy. A lot of people who eat liver prefer chicken liver over beef liver, while others like both almost equally. The nice think about beef liver, if you like it, is that you get more of it.

How many calories is in chopped chicken liver?

There are about 49 calories in 1oz of chicken liver.

Is eating chicken liver bad for you?

Chicken liver is not enjoyed by many people, but it is not bad for you either. It is actually a very high source of vitamins and minerals.

Is Chicken Liver good for Diabetics?

Chicken liver is good for diabetics. It is the breading on the fried livers that you have to be careful of. Chicken liver, high in Vitamin K, helps promote blood clotting and wound healing.