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Copyright is free and automatic, starting from the instant your song is fixed in any tangible form, such as notes on paper, sounds on tape, or a digital record in a computer.

You may optionally register your claim of authorship under the laws of a few countries, but the USA only requires registration if you are going to sue in federal court.

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Is there a copyright on theme songs?

Generally, yes.

What songs have been sued for breaking copyright law?

No songs have ever been sued.

Who owns the copyright to Theme from ET?

Songs of Universal.

Who owns the copyright to Adventure on Earth?

Songs of Universal.

Who owns copyright to George Harrison songs?

George is the only Beatle to acquire and maintain copyright to all songs written by him, whether sung as a Beatle,or as a solo artist

How long do you have to copyright your songs?

Copyright protection is automatic as soon as the work is fixed in a tangible medium (notated or recorded).

What is the legal protection of ownership to those who write songs?


Who owns the copyright to Music of Theme from E.T.?

Songs of Universal.

Who owns the copyright to Les Miserables songs?

Warner Chappell.

Who owns the copyright to Al Jolson songs?

Adam Belsheright

Why can't you download songs on computer?

Perhaps you are trying to download songs that you have not purchased and therefore have the copyright permission to use. Please remember downloading copyright material without paying for it is stealing.

Is downloading songs from a Usenet legal?

If the songs are copyright protected and have been uploaded without permission then no it is not legal.

Are all songs on LimeWire copyright?

not all songs. I coped Michael Jackson's this is it album. nothing happend

Can a composer or songwriter be a copyright owner?

Absolutely. Original songs are automatically protected by copyright as soon as they are fixed in a tangible medium.

Copyright law on the internet?

Certain things on the Internet are copyright. This is because it is someone work/ creation and is therefore illegal to use this persons work with out acknowledgement of the creator. Anything which says copyright ( such as artists songs) are copyright.

Do you have to get copyright for songs provided on youtube?

You would need a license for any songs you upload that are not entirely your original work.

Who owns the copyright of Don Moen's songs?

Don Moen's songs are administered by EMI Christian Music Group.

Who holds the copyright for the lyrics to the song at last?

There are 340 songs by that title.

Do you need permission to make remakes of songs?

Yes, they are protected by copyright.

What is the copyright information for The Long and Winding Road?

1969, Northern Songs.

Are the songs on youtube copyright?

Anything that is written or recorded is automatically protected by copyright. Neither registration nor notification is not required for protection.

What is the best way to copyright my songs?

Songs are automatically protected by copyright as soon as they are fixed in a tangible medium (notated or recorded). If formal registration is available in your country, you may choose to do that as well, although it is not required.

How many songs you can download to be safe?

The maximum number of songs you can download before being at risk of copyright infringement is 0.

Where can you download the ABBA generation songs for free?

ABBA's songs are protected by copyright laws and are generally illegal to download for free.

Where can you download all of the Nocopyrightsounds songs?

As of 2013, the best website where you can download all of the no copyright sounds songs is called YouTube.

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