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by eating sodium and chloride

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Q: How do you correct sodium and chloride deficiency?
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What is the balanced equation of sodium chloride to produce sodium chloride?

This is not a correct question.

The correct formula for sodium chloride is?


Is sodium chloride an molecule?

The correct term for ionic salts (as sodium chloride) is formula unit, not molecule; sodium chloride form very large structural lattices.

What is a word equation for sodium and chlorine?

Sodium + Chlorine ---> Sodium Chloride I think that is correct

What is wrong with the expression a molecule of sodium of sodium chloride?

The correct expression for NaCl is formula unit; sodium chloride form large lattices which are not molecules.

Is milk a saturated solution of sodium chloride?

No, it is not correct.

What is the correct chemical name for NaCl?

Sodium Chloride

Which salt has the most sodium cloride in it?

The only pure salt that has any sodium chloride {note correct spelling} in it is the salt sodium chloride itself. Many mixtures of salts could contain sodium chloride in the mixture.

What is the chemical name of sodium chloride?

Sodium chloride is the correct chemical name for NaCl (chemical formula)

What does NaCl stand for in chemistry?

i believe it is sodium chloride (table salt) i believe it is sodium chloride (table salt) Yes that is correct :)

Does sodium chloride exists in the form of molecules?

No, because sodium chloride form large lattices; the correct term for NaCl is formula unit.

What method can be use to obtain sodium chloride from sodium chloride?

Sodium chloride is...sodium chloride !

What are NaCl sodium chloride and halite?

1. NaCl is the chemical formula (more correct formula unit) of sodium chloride. 2. Sodium chloride exist as a natural mineral: halite (NaCl with some imputities).

Hydrochloric acid plus sodium hydroxide yields sodium chloride plus water?


Is sodioum chloride ionic or covalent?

NaCl, sodium chloride (watch correct spelling) is an ionic salt.

Is sodium chloride formed from sodium bicarbonate and chloride ions?

Sodium chloride is formed from sodium ions and chloride ions. There are no bicarbonate ions in sodium chloride.

Does potassium and sodium deficiency cause liver damage?

No. Potassium, sodium and chloride all work together to maintain the bodies fluid pH levels, muscle contraction and relaxation and the maintenance of nerve transmission and function. Deficiency in either of these usually tend to address hypertension, difficulty digesting (chloride deficiency with hydrochloric acid as its component) and heart/kidney damage.

Why solubility of sodium chloride decreases with rise in temperature?

This affirmation is not correct.

Sodium chloride and sodium chloride crystals in its electrical conductivity?

Solid sodium chloride is not an electrolyte.Sodium chloride in water solutions or molten sodium chloride are electrolytes.

What makes NaCl?

NaCl is made up of Sodium and Chlorine. The correct chemical name for it is Sodium Chloride.

Does NaCl represent the molecular formula for sodium chloride?

More correct NaCl is the formula unit of NaCl; sodium chloride form big structural lattices.

Why is sodium chloride different from sodium chloride crystals in its electricity conductivity?

Solid sodium chloride is not an electrolyte.Sodium chloride in water solutions or molten sodium chloride are electrolytes.

Sodium chloride is a what of sodium?

Sodium chloride is a compound of sodium and chlorine.

How do you correct sodium and chlorides deficiency?

my patient has a deficiency of sodium and chlorides . she is 73 years old and is drowzy / sleeping most of the time . please let me know what should be done to revive her alertness .

What is sodium chloride made up from?

Sodium chloride (NaCl) contain sodium and chloride.