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I think you are looking for graphics made only by letters, signs and numbers. It is called "ASCII ART"

Search for ASCII Art Generator in any Search Engine

And with simbols.

Programmers use html and css for creating image with text and it is used in web designing and development.

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Q: How do you create an image with text?
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How to convert JPEG to text file?

The PPM image format will dump image data into an ASCII format which will essentially create a 'flat' text file with a series of numerical values. Look for 'GNU Image Manipulation Program' for a free solution.

What is alternate in HTML?

Alternate is often used to show a piece of text in place of an image when the image does not show. It can also create tip text, when the cursor is put over the image. It will depend on the browser you use. The title attribute can also be used for Firefox.

What is the function of the text tool?

In a media design program like Photoshop, the text tool's function is simply to create an area where text can be typed. Once the text is created, it can then be altered and colored as though it were an image.

How go you clip a layer to a shape in photoshop?

Clipping layer allows you to insert content of one layer into another layer. For example: create type layer and type some text then place layer with image above it and clicp layer with image into layer with text. Text will be filled with image from layer above.

How do you add a picture to a text post with it showing on your Tumblr dashboard after you create it?

Click on 'insert an image' or '+upload photo'.

How can you edit the txt on a jpeg image?

The answer depends on what put the text there, but it is likely that text on the image is permanent.

Wordart changes text into a decorative what?

Text Image

Wordart changes text into a decorative?

text image

What does mybannermaker offer?

mybannermaker is a simple tool to create banners. The site offers options to set the size, the backgound image or gradient, the text, borders and image effects. It allows users to create a banner in mere seconds, withouth any photoshop skills.

Which artists include text and image?

Google Barbera Kruger and Bansky. They are both good image and text artists

What does the image URL mean for making NeoPet banners?

if image is displayed in that URL, then its Image URL. Else if Text displayed means its Text URL.ByChandraseka

In HTML how do you put text over a picture?

In HTMLUsing tables you can assign an image to the table or individual table cells.Text over an image!Just text.Text over an image!Just text.In CSS...#imageText{background-image: url(image.jpg);}Text over an image!

Create a webpage to show image mapping?

create a web page to showimage mapping

Does a diverging lens create a virtual image or a real image?

Virtual image

according to the text how did the discovery of the bones help to change the image of dodo's?


How do you create a text area to post a query and to get a reply for it?

You can create a text area by the input element. It goes like: <input type="text"/>.

What is font size and image size?

Font size is how large text is.Image size is how large an image, or picture, is.

How do you create an xp image file?

== == In Windows XP, to create an image file of a CD, you :1) Go to My Computer 2) You right-click on the disk you want to create an image of 3) Click "Create image of cd" (or something similar) NOT "COPY TO CD" 4) Find the folder you wish to save the image to5) Click "start"

What is a soil image of clay?

He altered the text

How do you insert an image in javascript?

<script type="text/javascript"> var image = new Image; image.src = "imageurl.png"; document.body.appendChild(image); </script>

How do you change the font size in Microsoft paint please help quickly?

Use the Text tool to create a text field in the image. A tool bar for formatting should automatically open, allowing you to change font and font size.

What uses graphical images of text in order to get around text filters?

Image spam

What does ocr meanns?

OCR means optical character recognition, a technology that enables to extract text from an image or image-only PDF and convert the image file to a text format, such as Word, TXT or RTF.

Can a copyrighted image be copied to create a new image?

With permission, yes.