How do you create animation with GIMP?

You open a new document, then you make a new layer on top of the background. Put the first frame of your animation on this new layer. After you have completed the first frame of your animation, uncheck the little eye to make this layer invisible, and create another layer. Make the second frame of your animation on this new layer. Keep going until you have all the frames you want, and then go to filters-animation-playback to view your animation.

NOTE: If you want to change how long each frame is displayed, then right click on the layer you want to change the time of, click 'edit layer attributes' and put in brackets the amount of time you want the frame to be displayed for. For example, pretend my first frame was just titled 'Frame one.' I would change the name to 'Frame one (1000ms)' Remember to put your time in miliseconds, not seconds!