How do you create frames?

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A frameset is a group of web pages that will be shown in a unique grouping web page, so the first step could be to create those independent web pages first.

For example, take a look at these three files:

--------------------------------------- firstFrame.html

Hi, I am the first frame web page


--------------------------------------- secondFrame.html

Hi, I am the second frame web page


------------------------------------------- frameSet.html


* ommited the noframes tag for simplicity

I recommend you not to use FRAMES never to avoid indesirable external backlinks issues. See Wikipedia's article critique for more information.

See the link to Wikipedia herein.

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Q: How do you create frames?
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The frames are the signal images within the animation,. The frames are displayed in a specific sequence at the specific speed to create the illusion of the animation moving.

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Go To and look for the FRAMES TUTORIAL. It will help you.

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The frame tag is used under a frameset DTD to create a multi-framed website. In modern website creation practices, frames are highly discouraged, but are still sometimes used.Advantages:You can create multiple panes (frames) with different content on the same page.Disadvantages:It is often difficult or impossible to create a URL that links directly to your content.It often looks messy and is more difficult to manipulate or update.Browser security protocols limit the interaction between frames, such as with JavaScript.

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