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Q: How do you create identity photo from Photoshop?
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How you create photo effects in adobe photoshop?

Photoshop has many effects that can be selected from the Filter menu.

How is photo shop used in advertisement?

You can enhance photos or create brand new images in Photoshop and all advertisements have one or more images. You can also create animated gif advertisements inside Photoshop

Is Adobe Photoshop technically a photo processer?

Technically Adobe Photoshop is not a photo processor. Adobe Photoshop is just a place where you can edit your photos and other imagery. It has nothing to do with photo processing.

What is the meaning of edit in Photoshop CS3?

Itz mean we can edit any photo or we can create anything using adobe photoshope

What effect has Adobe Photoshop had on society?

Photoshop is a powerful graphics editing software. For graphics designer, its ubiquitous and has become a standard. I like this tool because you can create photo effects such as the sketch effect

How do you create panoramic image using adobe photo shop?

From Photoshop go to File > Automate > Photomerge or do it from Bridge, select photos you want to merge in panorama then go to Tools > Photoshop > Photomerge...

How do you creating art cover in music?

They do photo-shoots if its of the artist themselves or a model/actor and then edit it later in photoshop or another professional photo editing program, they pay professional artists to create a design, or they start from scratch on photoshop or something, i'm pretty sure...

What does PDS stand for in Photoshop?

I think you mean PSD, which stands for Photo Shop Document. It is the name of the file extension created when you create or edit a multi-layered image in Photoshop.

Is ACDSee Photo Software as good as Photoshop?

Although ACDSee Photo Software and Photoshop have many similar qualities, many would agree Photoshop is the better choice for general photo editing. ACDSee Photo Software is more specific for digital scrapbook editing.

Is Photoshop software for designing?

No, Photoshop is a powerful, advanced photo editing utility

What stores in Australia sell photo keyrings?

There are too many too count but some ideas are photoshop, snapfish, alibaba, and betta photo store. You can also find a local drug store that has a photo center that can create some for you.

Does Adobe Photoshop 7.0 have a photo-filter?