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You can't have multiple penguins on 1 account. If you want to have multiple penguins you need multiple accounts.

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Can you play Club Penguin without an account?

No, you have to create an account on club penguin

How do you get your person on Club Penguin?

You create your account and log in Club Penguin.

How do you get another penguin on your account in Club Penguin?

You can only have one penguin per account. to get another penguin, you must create a new account.

How do you restart your Club Penguin acount?

This is not possible. You can create a new account but you can't restart an account on club penguin.

How do you get into Club Penguin when you are banned?

Create a new account.

Do it cost money to create an account on club penguin?


Does WikiAnswers have a Club Penguin account?

No, WikiAnswers does not have a Club Penguin account.

What are the best account games?

Club penguin club penguin club penguin club penguin guffins guffins guffins

How do you sign up for Club Penguin?

Go to website and hit create an account then you have to enter your email and password and create your penguin.

How can you create a new account for Club Penguin?

you click on a button

How do you delete a Club Penguin account?

You cant delete a club penguin account

What are the numbers to activate your club penguin account?

You get the numbers from your email. You use the email that you gave them to create your penguin.

How do you get on i Club Penguin Club Penguin?

I'm sorry, but it seems that what you're asking is totally... well absurd! But if you're are asking how to log onto club penguin, you simply type in 'club penguin' into your search engine and click on the one that says: club penguin waddle around and meet new friends. then log in if you already have a penguin or create account if you want to make an account.

How do you create a Club Penguin account?

Go on to Club Penguin and press PLAY NOW, on the top right corner of the screen.Then, click on CREATE A NEW PENGUIN that's on the right of the Start button. Then, you create you're penguin. Follow the steps to help you.I hope you enjoy Club Penguin it's a fun website to meet other penguins! ;)See the related links for the Club Penguin website.

A Club Penguin account?

Club penguin is a online virtual game for children. You need an account to play it. An account is practically the information of you and your penguin.

How do you create an account on Club Penguin?

first of all you go on the web site and hit play now then it will say make an club penguin or something like that then answer the guestions then you have a penguin!

How to get your penguin back on Club Penguin?

create a new account, then add your previous penguin to your buddy list, try to log on again and bam! u got your account back.

How got penguin in Club Penguin?

When u sign in u click create free account and then follow instructions

How do you become a GPS agent on club penguin elite penguin force?

you have to make an club penguin account on the epf its your origenal account

How can you sell your Club Penguin account?

You cannot sell your club penguin account. It is non-sellable.

What is a Club Penguin beta account?

a beta is a club penguin account that has the beta hat from 2005

Is the person answering your question have an account on Club Penguin?

No. Not everyone on WikiAnswers has a Club Penguin account.

Is a Club Penguin account free?

yes a club penguin account is free unless you want a membership account

In Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force what can you earn to transfer to your online Club Penguin account?


What Can you upload items from Club Penguin elite penguin force to your Club Penguin account?

yes you can

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