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How do you cross breed plants?

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plants can be crossed breed through grafting or marccotting. these process can change the color of the plant's leaves, flowers, and sometimes fruits.

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Do berry plants crossbreed?

Yes, you can cross breed berry plants. Berries commonly cross breed with citrus fruits.

Will domestic blueberries cross with wild ones?

They should. Plants of the same species should be able to cross breed or cross pollinate.

Why would someone cross breed plants and animals?

Because if you cross animals you can end up with a really funky pet. If you cross plants it might make them prettier. But I'm not sure about that one.

How do you find pink moonflower seeds on nier?

You must cross breed plants to get pink moonflower seeds.

What happens when you breed two different varieties of plants together?

If you breed two different varieties of plants together: - they may not be able to cross-breed and there will be no seeds. - or you will get seeds that produce assorted plants with a range of features from both parents. If you breed these new plants together, you will start to see more features appearing as the recessive genes start to pair up and show more different features in that next generation.

Can you cross-breed an ermine and a ferret?

No, you cannot cross breed an ermine and a ferret

How do you cross plant seeds?

If you mean you want to cross breed two plants? First of all you need a male and a female. When the male is ready to pollinate you need to transfer the male pollen to the female. Not all plants are compatible.

Can ants cross breed?

Ants cannot cross breed. Ants will only breed with other ants of the same species. They will not cross bread with other types of insects.

What happens if you breed a horse with a different breed on howrse?

you get a cross breed. :)

How do you cross breed plants in Animal Crossing ds?

to cross-breed your flowers you get two of the same tipe of flowers and plant them right next to each other. then after about three or more days the cross-bred flower will be there next to the parent flowers. this really works i have an orange cosmo on my game.

What do you call animals that are cross-breed?


What can you cross breed a Maltese with?

anything toy breed

Will goldfish breed with koi?

Yes they can cross breed.

Is the Angus cattle a cross breed?

NO it is not! Brangus is a cross breed, as is Black Hereford or Droughtmaster. But not Angus cattle.

Does a male marijuana plant still nuggs?

No, only female plants can produce nugs. Though male plants can be used to produce seeds to cross breed strains and whatnot.

How many flowers can you cross breed in Animal Crossing?

I am pretty sure you can cross breed unlimited as long as you breed ones that can breed rather than breed like a white rose and a yellow rose.

What is a synonym for mongrel?

Cross, cross-breed, cur, half-blood, half-breed, hybrid, mixture, mutt.

How do you cross breed a tulip and a rose to get a strong plant?

Tulip and rose are noncompatible and so cannot cross breed.

What do you get when you cross a horse and a unicorn?

Just a normal cross breed horse. To get a unicorn you must breed two unicorns.

How do you identify if its a real German Shepherd and not cross breed?

I am looking for a Full Blooded German Shepard, and I want to know the difference from a cross breed, or a full breed!

What is bulk method?

It's when you take two plants with known pedigree and cross breed them and allow natural selection to knock out the weaker traits.

Why can poodles and spaniels breed?

Generally all dogs can cross breed.

In a Mendelian monohybrid cross which generation is completely homozygous?

Well, the P-generation, which is the true breed generation or parent is the homozygous dominant and homozygous recessive. Thent he F1 was heterozygous, which resulted in a cross to make tall plants (dominant) and some short plants (recessive)

Can you cross breed llama with horse?


Is it possible to cross breed fish?

== ==

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