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You can purchase over the counter medication at your local drug store, but I always find that salt and warm water helps with the discomfort of a sore mouth and tongue. Just swish warm water and salt in your mouth. Swish as though it were mouth wash. Gargle, too. Be generous when adding the salt to water and do this several times. Your mouth will feel so much better and you can continue to do this throughout the day if needed.

An alternative method to soothing the pain of these annoying blisters is to rub an ice cube on them until they are numb. As they are healing you should stay away from salty or acidic foods. The most common reason one might contract these blisters is from eating too many sweets. DO NOT scratch the blisters with your teeth. This slows down the healing process. You may get these blisters from not drinking enough water. So drink lots of icy cold water and the blisters should disappear in no time!

I have never seen a reply like mine on anyone's site, but I have used this remedy for years with tremenous success. I treat these tiny blisters like a hang nail and simply snip them off with nail clippers. I know this sounds just dreadful, but instead of having lingering misery for days while the blister heals, there is only a small pinch and the pain is gone instantly. The best clippers are big 6-inch double-handled toe nail clippers with the super sharp blades. There is hardly any blood, either, and the spot heals immediately.

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Q: How do you cure a tongue blister with home products?
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