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How do you cure the common cold for a puppy?

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There is no cure for the common cold, which is caused by a coronavirus or rhinovirus. As this is a viral infection, antibiotics (which are only effective against bacteria) will not help and can cause other problems for your puppy.

The good news is, for the most part these viruses are self-limiting and your puppy will clear the virus within a week. Make sure your puppy is eating and drinking normally (if nursing, that he is still nursing well), that he is playing and exploring as normal and that he doesn't develop vomiting or diarrhea. If any of this doesn't happen, or your puppy doesn't start acting a lot better within 4 days, you need to take your puppy to a veterinarian for treatment. With severe infections, it is not uncommon for a puppy to not drink enough fluids and get dehydrated; your veterinarian can identify and treat this.

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Is the common cold the cure for something else?

The common cold is caused by viruses, it is an illness not a cure

Which one Ibuprofen or acethaminophen is good for cure common cold?

Neither ibuprofen nor acetaminophen will cure the common cold.

Can penicillin cure a cold?

No, penicillin can NOT cure the common cld because penicillian is a antibiotic where as a antibiotic can only kill bacterial infection and the common cold is a virus therefor Penicillin can not cure the common cold, nor can any other antibiotics. :)

What is the cure for regular cold problem?

There is no known cure for the common cold. Dextromethorphan aids in alleviating a majority of it's symptoms, but does not cure it.

Can a doctor cure a cold?

A doctor cannot cure a common cold. If you go to the doctor, they may be able to give you things to help you feel better but it will not cure you from the cold.

Who found a cure for the common cold?

No one

How is the common cold treated by doctors?

There are no known medicines proven to shorten or cure the common cold.

Why Wont Antibiotics help Cure the common cold?

because the common cold is caused by a virus

Is there a plant that can cure the cold?

No, there are no cures for the common cold. There are medications and treatments that can help lessen the severity of the symptoms but this is not a "cure".

Can antibotics treat a common cold?

No. There is no cure for the common cold. Preventative care is key so you don't catch a cold.

What diseases have they not found a cure for?

The common cold and sneezing.

How do you cure a cold in the 1700's?

First, get a time machine... just kidding... How they did cure a cold back then was to treat the symptoms, the same as we do today, since there still is no cure for the common cold.

What are the diseases that don't have a known cure?

common cold and cancer

How do you cure a cold fast?

There is no cure for the common cold. The common cold is a self-limited illness that will resolve spontaneously with time. Home remedies and treatments are directed at alleviating the symptoms associated with the common cold while the body fights off the infection. Home treatment for the common cold includes getting rest and drinking plenty of fluids.

What is the cure for the common fever?

There is no cure for a common fever, or a common cold. Treatments like aspirin can reduce a fever, and following guidance like drinking lots of fluids can help you feel better, but the only cure is to let it take its course. Eventually, if it is the common cold (or fever) your body will deal with it and you will get better.

Why is it not easy to find a cure for the common cold?

cause it keeps changing.

They can put a man on the moon but they can't cure acute coryza What is?

common cold

They can put a man on the moon but they can't cure acute coryza What is it?

Common cold

What would be a good invention for a 7th grader?

the cure for cancer or the common cold

Is using sauna baths a good way to cure a common cold?

A sauna is a great way to at least alleviate the symptoms of a common cold. Research has not shown that they can cure a cold, however it is suggested that the temperature of the steam and the air is enough to kill some bacteria and viruses.

Can red pepper be used as a way to cure a common cold?

No, it can't cure the cold. However there is a chance it might help with drainage of the nasal passages, possibly making you more comfortable while getting over the cold.

How do you cure a sick puppy?

Take it to a vet.

How do you cure puppy sickness?

Consult a vet

Is there a cure for a phobia of dogs?

Yes, get a puppy.

Is the common cold curable?

No the common cold isn't curable. However you can take medicine to cure the symptoms such as nasal spray, decongestant, pain relives, and anti-biotic.