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Q: How do you cure your goldfish because you think it has fish dropsy?
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Your ryunkin goldfish looks like its going to explode what should you do?

That is what Ryunkin Goldfish look like. If however, the fishes scales are sticking out like a file or rasp, the fish is suffering from a fatal disease called Dropsy. There is no known reliable cure for Dropsy. There are expensive medications available at pet shops that make the claim to cure Dropsy but in my experience they do not work.

Is your goldfish preagnant?

Huh? Come again? As far as I know, (sorry,) Goldfishes do not, um, become pregnant. Instead, they lay eggs. Your goldfish is most probably either down with dropsy (touch wood, okay? There is no cure for dropsy) or laden with eggs.

How can you cure dropsy?

To my knowedge there is no proven cure for dropsy. Some pet shops carry medications that 'claim' to cure almost every disease and problem including dropsy but I have never heard of them working successfully on dropsy. I would euthanase the fish.

What does fish goldfish with dropsy look like?

Dropsy Serious and difficult to cure, the fish's body can become so bloated that the scales protrude. It would just be at the bottom of the fishtank or pond and it would look like santa that has ate too many pies and he is sleeping on a bed with his eyes open

Why is your goldfish fat and its scales are sticking out is it pregnant?

Your Goldfish is not pregnant it has a deadly disease called 'Dropsy'. So the prognosis is very bad. This disease is usually caused by the fish being kept in poor water conditions. There is no known, reliable cure for this disease the fish will die.

Is a goldfish ill or pregnant if all of its belly is big and scales are sticking up?

When a goldfish becomes bloated in appearance and all the scales start sticking up then the fish has dropsy, a terminal condition. Dropsy is the result of a build-up of fluids caused by organ failure. The reason for the symptoms of dropsy is either an internal bacterial infection or poor water quality. By the time the fish starts to have raised scales there's nothing else you can do for it - so don't waste your time or money on the types of medications you add to the water that say they "cure" dropsy-they'll only burn the fishes gills and make its last few days on earth even more miserable.

How do you cure a Siamese fighter fish when he is dropsy?

Dropsy isn't a disease in itself. It is a symptom of another problem. The only thing you can do for dropsy is treat with a strong medication. I would use Maracyn I and Maracyn II in combination and keep the water very clean. That is your best bet.

How do you cure a goldfish?

drown it then flush it down the toilet

How do you cure goldfish that swim vertically?

Take it to the vet

Is fungus that grows on goldfish good?

That is a disease cure it

How do you cure goldfish with white poo?

Feed it different food.And if that doesn't work than that is how your goldfish was born.

Why is your goldfish turning white?

its sick or dieing...whats the cure?

How do you cure a bloated fantail goldfish?

Fantail goldfish tend to have a shape that looks as if it is bloated so firstly make sure the fish is just not the way it should be by comparing it with other fish of the same size and species. If the fish is definitely bloated and its scales are laying flat as normal, you could try adding 1 level teaspoon of Magnesium sulphate (MgSO4) per 2 gallons of water. This will act as a laxative and could free up whatever is blocking the fish from passing either poo or the fishy equivalent of wind. If the fishes scales are sticking out like a file or rasp the fish has "Dropsy" which in my experience is always a fatal disease. There are many products commercially available at pet shops that claim to cure almost everything including dropsy and usually they are very expensive. I have yet to find one that actually works on Dropsy. In this case I would advocate euthanising the fish.

What did William withering discover about circulation?

William withering did not discover circulation that was William Harvey. However William withering discovered a cure for dropsy using a single leaf from a foxglove plant.

What type of disease do goldfish get?

The most famous disease I heard of that goldfish get in the swim bladder infection. I am not so sure how people cure it, and the symptoms are when the goldfish is lying on the ground. Sometimes goldfish get parasites (worm thingys too) in their bodies, and it makes it harder for them to swim. One of my fish has constipation, and you can know this by noticing long strands of poo sticking out from their butts. and not falling off. The insides of boiled frozen peas help cure this.

How do you stop goldfish from eating other fish tail?

Goldfish are naturally attracted to rotting fins, so if your goldfish has rotting fins get a cure for it or change your water. Or, in the other case, if that goldfish is bullying its tankmate, move the bully or victim to another tank or return the bully to the pet store.

Is there any cure for Schizophrenia?

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Honestly i don't think there is a cure for that....haha sorry

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Not that I know of. Alzheimer's is a cruel disease that needs a cure, but I don't think there is a cure.

Why is the cure called the cure?

because they were the cure to bad music or so people say

What to do to cure a swim bladder in a goldfish?

Get rid of it. Ive never heard of anyone ever doing surgery on a fish before.

How do you cure skeleton diseases?

I think you mean something like osteoporosis, of which there is no cure.

How much epsom salt should you use to cure pop eye in goldfish?

Its about 1/8 TSP per 5 Gallons of water. Some people suggest more, while I suggest more research is needed. You should dissolve it first in some aquarium water and then pour it in the tank. It will treat/help relief some bacterial infections like Dropsy and Popeye, as well as constipation and bloating.

Why is your goldfish upside down?

If your goldfish is swimming upside down, that probably means it has swimbladder disease or something of the sort. To cure this, I suggest you feed your upside-down swimming goldfish the insides of boiled peas. I never tried it myself, but on the internet I saw the story of a person who fed his upside-down swimming goldfish some peas and the next day it was swimming normally! Try it! It will cure constipation too. But if your goldfish is floating upside down, there is a high possibility it is dead. Poke it or fish it up with a net. If it moves or thrashes around when you pick it up in a net, then it is alive.

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