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If you wanto look like a bunny u need whiskers and a werewolfboy costume you will also need rabbit ears in 24 carrot island.okay first put up the werewolf costume and click the fur part. keep whiskers on!.then u need buck teeth. Then place the iron ears on your head.There you go your a bunny!


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You can buy costumes from the marketplace at the top right of your screen ( its the star.) or you can use the costumizer to customize yourself to other people whose clothes you like. But seriously if you hadn't finished any islands yet , just do the customizer OK?

well,see,some items in poptropica are available to only the computer characters,like the shark outfit,and the bunny pajamas,although they are not available to members.

Press the "customize" button at the top right corner of the screen. I think it's a green shirt...Or something like that. After you press it, click on the person whom's clothes you want to copy. Then just dress yourself :)

the backpacks were here a long time ago but sadly there are no more but you can customize something that looks like a backpack by clicking on the customizer and on the person

Don't make yourself look like the other people. Put on something different but not ugly

sorry dude or girl on poptropica you have to try to make it yourself..... BUT I DO KNOW THE FIRST THING IS to color your guy or girl blue.............................................

Quick, hop like a bunny.

buy the minimizer at the store if you have 250 points then go timetangeled and look at yourself in the future!enjoy

a bunny that is made out of snow. so it will look like snow.

the Easter bunny probably would like carrot juice

As quick as a bunny.

Click on the customizer (top right corner with shirt icon) then on a person. Then you can customize anyone's clothes. Choose the look that you like. You can mix and match different people's clothing. Also, there are some clothing dummies you can customize. This does not work on some characters or on Big Nate Island or Wimpy Wonderland. Hope this helps.

All you have to do is play the Halloween game. when you win, you go to a ghost and ghoul party, and can click customize at the top of your screen and pick which person you want to look like. hope this helped. XD

Bugs Bunny does not like anyone to beg for mercy - it makes him mad .

Yes, you should care for a bunny with a dewlap just like any other bunny. The only difference I can think of would be maybe if you have to clean the bunny, then don't miss that part, but overall it shouldn't be an issue.

Get them shoes or something that men like. They really like something that is made by there own children. Get them a photo frame and customize it yourself and put a really nice picture of you family.

A pink bunny that is 2x bigger then a human.

Pretty much the same as a girl bunny.

Words that describe nouns are adjectives and pronouns.Examples of adjectives used to describe the noun 'bunny' are:a cute bunnya white bunnya fluffy bunnya wild bunnyExamples of pronouns (possessive adjectives) used to describe the noun 'bunny' are:my bunnyyour bunnyhis bunnytheir bunny

A fluffy bunny is an exceedingly furry rabbit like this one.

A bunny likes to explore around run around and being petted.

There are no games exactly and as fun as poptropica. Poptropica is unique and is always improving. Club penguin might be close but it is nothing like poptropica.

Easter BunnyNo, the Easter bunny is a rabbit, not a human.

nothing really. if anything it is like bunny-baby bunny and rabbit-adult or over baby aged rabbit

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