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How do you cut a layered haircut?

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It depends on how you want to cut it. If you want to trim it up, I'd suggest going to a salon or instructing someone else to do it. Section the hair, hold it up at a 90 degree angle, slide your finders all the way up to where you want it cut, having your fingers at an 85-90 degree angle (finger tips pointing downward), and cut along your fingers. I'd still suggest having someone do it for you...the results could be horrible doing it yourself.

2007-06-15 20:04:39
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What is a layered haircut?

A layered haircut is when your hairdresser cuts your hair into different layers. It's when the hair that comes out of the top of the head is cut shorter then the hair that comes out from the bottom by the neck(nape) is left longer.

What is the name of deepika padukone's haircut in yeh jawani hai deewani?

layered shoulder cut

What is bubzbeauty's haircut called?

it's a wolf cut (asian wolf haircut or just layered hair) shorter in the top and longer on the bottom it's like a bob cut with long hair =]

What is the name of Edwards furlong haircut in terminator 2?

it was a layered cut. there are many different layered cuts, if your interested in getting it i suggest you take a picture to your hairdresser.

What is jasmine villegas haircut?

its layer cut!! what makes difference is that her bangs are layered and there is good gap between layers

How is Selena Gomez's haircut?


What is the name of Hayley Williams' haircut?

shouldered layered , really layered fringe cut.It's called layers, and bangs swiped to the side. It's sort of choppy too.

What short layered hairstyles are recommended?

The most popular short hair cut for women is currently the bob-style haircut. Specifically, the angle-layered bob, which is worn by many celebrities. For those a bit more daring, the pixie style haircut is also nice for those with a smaller frame.

How should you get your haircut?

Personally when I get my haircut I always ask my stylist for a razor cut. The cut looks more thin and manageable than the deep cut shearz use. And if your a girl, I'd get what they call a "face frame" or just the basic laid-back layered look. And if youre a guy then I dont know what do to.

What is a scene haircut called?

Just a choppy/layered hairstyle.

Can you get a layered hairstyle with thin hair?

Yes, but with thin hair you need a great haircut. It will sound odd, but I go to a barber and I get nice layers there--it is a scissor cut.

How would one ask in Mexico that a haircut be layered?

en capas

What is deepika padukone's hairstyle in cocktail called?

It is just a multi ,multi layered haircut......since she already has a nice and thick mane,the haircut shows off nice.Plus, always remember more wavy your hair is, better will a layered haircut look on you............hence she's got waves put in her actually straight hair for the movie.Want to know the best layered haircut a celebrity ever got, checkout Farah Fawcett's haircuts in the 70s and 80s and you'll get my point.......;)

What kind of haircut should a 13 year old have?

Layered with side swept bangs

Can you get layered hair layered again?

yes your layers will grow then just get them cut back in. or cut it and then layer it or cut it and wait for it to grow and then layer

What is the coolest haircut?

Depends on what you think is "cool". For thick hair, a layered bob looks incredible.

Where does dionne get his haircut?


How do you have your haircut if its long?

you cut it with scissors

Who is the brunette hair model in the latest John Freida commercial or where can I find a picture of the haircut?

The brunette in the John Frieda ad has a medium length, layered haircut. This haircut is very common and can be found in many style magazines.

What are the cons of layered haircuts?

There are a few different cons about having a layered haircut. One of the most complained and recognized issue is having to maintain more hair than usual.

What haircut does drake get?

shadow fade cut

What type of haircut should I get?

Buzz Cut

What is a good kind of hair cut that will thin out your hair?

A layered haircut will thin out the hair and give it volume and movement. If the hair is still very thick, ask the stylist to use their thinning shears to remove unwanted bulk.

What haircut is right for curly hair?

It depends what the person prefers but layered and simple is easiest to maintain and looks great :)

What is Paige hyland hairstyle?

Her hair is short and layered it is a great haircut that looks way better than a bobI