How do you deal with a deceased members account at a credit union?

I certainly do not intend to sound mean at a time when you may be dealing with a loved one's death, but the time to deal with this kind of thing really is before the death. At this point you have a few things to deal with. Did the person have any trusts, or a will, or did the person die without any planning? If there is no plan, then Probate Court is pretty much in charge of everything; if you think that you have some interest in the person's property, you should contact them. If there was a will and no trusts, then Probate Court is still in control, but they will probably follow the wishes expressed in the will. If there are trusts, then the people named in the trusts can execute the provisions of the trusts without going through probate. Lesson: Plan ahead, and think things though carefully so that loved ones you leave behind are not left with unintended nightmares.