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find the flavour of ice cream which makes you feel better..... everyone has one but it may take a while to find.... e.g. mine is Ben & Jerry's Half Baked

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How do you deal with a verbally abusive boyfriend without breaking up with him?

You deal with it by breaking up with him . If he is verbally abusive, you should break up with him now. Not later. Now.

How to deal with my girl friends going back and forth breaking up with me?

Find a different one.

How do you break up with a man who does not support you emotionally?

breaking up is easy. hard is managing your feelings for him. first you deal with your feelings and then break up. will be easier.

How do you stop someone from breaking up with you?

You can't prevent it, just try to deal with it!

Is Coldplay breaking up?

No they are not breaking up!

How do you say goodbye on the phone to a girl?

pretend the line is breaking up and say "the line is breaking up the line is breaking up we are breaking up" then hang up

Questions to ask your girlfriend?

How do you deal with your on going bf of 5 times keeps breaking up with you? And when his other relationships don't go well. He runs back to you.... How do you deal with something like that?

Is breaking up with girlfriend called a divorce?

NO, breaking up with girlfriend is NOT called a divorce. It is called breaking up.

Is it true that Falling Up is breaking up?

just be clear! sheesh! if it's breaking up then it's breaking up. don't confuse the issue!

Is slipknot breaking up?

No Slipknot is not breaking up, and they hopefully will not break up for a while!! ----

What is breaking up monopolies called?

what is breaking up of monopolies call

Is Taylor Swift making a big deal out of Joe Jonas breaking up with her?

yeah I think she is she made a doll video and talks about it all the time

Is Joe and kendall really breaking up in real life?

No they are not breaking up

What are some songs about breaking up?

Neil Sedaka's "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do" and Elvis Presley's "It's Now or Never" are songs about breaking up.

How do you beark up with your boy-friend?

it depends on why you're breaking up with him. Do it in a private place. Tell him that you're breaking up with him and explain to him calmly why you're breaking up with him.

What is the duration of Breaking Up film?

The duration of Breaking Up - film - is 1.5 hours.

Are A7X breaking up?

No, they are not breaking up. After The Rev. died, a lot pf people thought that they would break up. But they did not break up. They came out with a new album. And they confirmed that they are not breaking up anytime soon.

Where did edward leave Bella after breaking up with her?

Edward left Bella in the forest after breaking up with her.

Jonas Brothers are breaking up?

No way! They aren't breaking up any time soon!

What are major events in the Jurassic period?

Pangaea was breaking up and the contents were breaking up. R.L.J

What are the reasons for breaking up?

the reasons for breaking up are because your partner doesent love you like he did

What is the difference between breaking things up and breaking up with your girlfriend?

well breaking things means your tearing things apart. breaking up with your girl friend means you guys are no longer in a mental nor physical relationship

Are Kevin and his girlfriend breaking up?

Kevin Jonas and his girlfriend are almost to the equasion of breaking up ( i think)...

Is one direction breaking up in february 2013?

No of course not. They are not planning on breaking up anytime soon.

What is the duration of Breaking Up with Shannen Doherty?

The duration of Breaking Up with Shannen Doherty is 1800.0 seconds.