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How do you deal with job interview if you had a negative feedback on your previous job?


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I believe it is illegal for your previous employer to give you a negative recommendation. They are allowed only to confirm that you worked there, and what date you were hired and what date you left.

The reason for this is it is too easy for your old company to make trouble for you for personal reasons - a negative recommendation may have no basis in fact.

The future company should only use your references for recommendations.

However, even though it is illegal, it is easy for your previous employer to informally give a negative comment over the phone, and there is probably nothing you can do about it.

So if you think your previous company is going to give you a bad word, and it is undeserved, you will have to tell the interview company first that the person they will be talking to from the old company had personal issues with you and not to expect a positive recommendation, and that they need to talk to other people to get a better picture of you.

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