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You could just ask them to stop being a lier or you could just talk to them about it,or tell em to f off

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Q: How do you deal with someone who lies all the time?
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Someone who lies all the time?

habitual liar

What do you call someone who lies all the time?

A pathological lier.

What is the term used for someone who lies all the time?

Compulsive liar. Or pathological liar.

Which lies do you subscribe to the destructive lies of greed and society or the feel good lies of religion but ultimately they are all just lies can you deal with that?

I guess I subscribe to the lies of greed and society, since the other lies are too obvious. Yes, I can deal with that.

What do you do when your partner lies betrays and deceives you all the time?

leave them or sleep with someone else as payback!!!!!

How do you stay married to someone who lies to you all the time and what is a relationship worth if there is no trust because he's been caught in so many lies?

you dont you divorce he or she and find someone that will be honest to you

Have you ever fallen for someone who was in a relationship with someone else How did you deal with it?

Are you kidding, this happens ALL THE TIME. The only way to deal with it is just forget it and move on. You'll get all sorts of crazy ideas but none of them ever work in the long run.

Someone that likes to cause problems between other people and lies all the time and likes to see people hurt emotionally and just doesn't like family?

Someone that likes to cause problems between other people and lies all the time and likes to see people hurt emotionally and just doesn't like family?

What do you do if your friend says lies about you to a guy you like?

someone who tells lies about you to anyone at all is not your friend, it's that simple :-)

Is Holden Caulfield a good person?

no! he lies to people and he always tells people what they want to hear. Holden lies lies lies.....ALL THE TIME. and he fails at school.

How does time affect power?

it doesn`t, it is all lies

Why do my boyfriend lies all the time?

Unfortunately this usually means he has something to hide from you for whatever reason (usually because he knows it will hurt you or cause and argument) Someone that lies proves to be untrustworthy. Now, it is up to you whether you stay with him and put up with it.

Is deal an adjective?

No. Deal is not an adjective. Deal can be a noun, as in 'Is it a big deal what part of speech a word comes from?' or a verb, as in 'I will deal with all those who do not think so' or 'Someone should deal out some answers here.'

How do you deal with someone who is trying to stop smoking?

You deal with them with patience. Stopping smoking is a very hard thing to do and the person who is quitting needs all the support they can get. Try getting them some gum or something to occupy their time and hands. Most of all, be supportive.

What if a friend lies to you all the time?

it will broke my heart and i will never be him or her friend.

What are the consequences for unemployment fraud in California?

There are few different consequences that someone could face for unemployment fraud in California. Someone could have to deal with a fine, jail time, or probation, and possibly all three.

How do liars have such good memories?

Many liars do not have good memories and get caught lying. Some liars are very imaginative and can think up many different lies and remember them. The best thing to do when someone is lying is to avoid them. Who wants to have to listen to lies all the time?!

Should someone marry someone who is in prison?

Sure. If you happen to really love someone in prison and can deal with the fact that have to serve time away from you.... then go for it. and just because you are in prison does not mean you are a bad person. people get wrongly convicted all the time. also people make mistakes too.

Is there a way to tell if your girlfriend lies to you all the time?

if she has a wierd face expression

How do you deal with someone unreliable?

You have to be careful with unreliable people. Do not tell all your secrets to them and be careful.

What techniques does a propagandist use?

Lies, lies, & more lies! They all nothing but lies!

How do you describe a wise person?

Someone who knows what to do, knows how to deal with problems. Someone who usually gives good solutions.and above all, someone with positive mind.

If a girl lies to you all the time about pulling pranks on you does that make her untrustworthy and scandalous?


Can you trust someone who lies?

In my experience not in certain cases. It all depends on the situation. Ex. Did they lie to protect some one.

Why didn't someone draw Buddha's portrait at that time?

There were probably portraits of him, but that was over 2500 years ago. I imagine they were all either destroyed or decayed over time. Impermanence lies in all things. This is very parallel to the absence of contemporary drawings of the Christians' Jesus or any of the Jewish patriarchs.