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That's is a tough one. You are going to have get moving and start going out with friends and start dating again. NEVER let him see you sitting around your home depressed over him, even if you are. Love does hurt, and I think most of us have been hurt at least once in our lives. It's been a very long time since I was younger and dating, but I do know no matter how hurt you are over an ex-boyfriend, along comes another great guy who could well be the one for you. Don't give up, look your ex in the face and smile, and move on. Live your own life and let him live his. Get out with your friends and date when you want, but don't try to flaunt your activities in front of him. If he says hello, be friendly, but keep it brief. Don't go out of your way to see or speak to him.

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Does xavi has a girlfriend?

no he hasn't he broke with her after 5 years ago

Does Declan Donnelly have a girlfriend?

No. He broke up with his girlfriend of 2 years a few months ago.

What if your exboyfriend still calls you every two weeks of the month and has been doing this for four years now since broken up and still have sex with you does he still care or have feelings for you?

Depends on who broke up with who. If he broke up with you then most likely no. But if u broke up with him then yes of course.

Why did declan galbraith and his girlfriend breakup?

Because his girlfriend cheated on him. Declan found out that she was cheating on him so they broke up... She bought her a necklace, but when they broke up, she gave it to him. This was actually like 5 or 4 years ago.

Who is sungmin's girlfriend?

Rumoured said that Sungmin had a girlfriend before named Anna Lee. But they broke up many years ago. He is single now.

What should I do now that my exboyfriend of 2 years has a new girlfriend and although I don't want him back I feel very lonely?

Go to a bud if you feel lonely. Or look online to find you perfect match.

Should I go for a boy who broke up with his girlfriend for good after 2 years and he's happy to be done with her?

why wouldn't you

Does Brandon quintin Adams have a girlfriend?

Yes his living in girlfriend of over 5 years her name is Daisy Suarez she has a twitter @daisysuarez

Does jay cutler the football player have a girlfriend?

He used to have a girlfriend named Sloan Looney back in his Vaderbilt years and first year as Bronco. They broke up back in 2007.

Do kivanc has a girlfriend?

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ used to have a girlfriend named Azra Akın. The two of them broke up and re-united for years before deciding on a final breakup in 2013.

Has Christofer Drew got a girlfriend?

He had one, they had been dating for 2 and a half years. The broke up about a month ago.

How do you get your girlfriend back who broke up with me and your twelve years old and she is eleven years old?

find out y she broke up with you and then try to fix it........................... make sure she notaces........................ btw im an 11 year old girl so i have expirience

Does Bradie Webb have a girlfriend?

No Bradie Webb does not have a girlfriend because he broke up with his girlfriend 10 years ago. bradie webb does have a girlfriend sorry bradie fans:( Yes he does, her name is Danielle Semler they started dating in April 2011. Sorry Bradie lovers!

What does it means that you have a dream about your ex girlfriend and you broke up 7 years ago?

The dream is not necessarily about the ex girlfriend, but refers to something she represents from 7 years ago. The dreamer might be repeating a pattern of behavior or making a mistake that was made in the past, related in some way to that ex girlfriend.

Has Fatty from Family Force 5 a girlfriend or wife?

Yes, he currently has a girlfriend named Amibeth Kibel. --Family Force 5's song share it with me was about fatty, who had a girlfriend of 7 years and they broke up.. but that was quite awhile ago, Amibeth is his current girlfriend(2012)

Should you tell your ex-boyfriend who you broke up with five years ago and who now has a girlfriend that he was the love of your life?

No! He has a girlfriend, you had your chance and you missed the boat. The best you can expect is perhaps he'll break off with this girlfriend and then you can tell him. If you think because YOU broke up with him that you can sail right back into his life and steal him away from his new girlfriend, think again! Leave well enough alone. Marcy

What does it mean when a exboyfriend you dated 10 years ago has been looking for you and he finally gets in contact with you?

That means that he loves you.

Is enrique iglesias straight?

Yes totally! He's been living wiht the same girlfriend for years now.

Why would your ex girlfriend call and want to hang out with you even though she has a boyfriend we broke up 2 years ago we were together for 5 years.?

maybe she just wants you2 to be friends

Does ian astbury the lead singer of the cult have a girlfriend who is she?

Yes, he does have a girlfriend. Her name is Apolla. He's been with her for about 2 1/2 years. -Actually, they broke up, they continue to be bestfriends, but plan on being together in the future.

Who is Christain Beadles latest girlfriend?

his latest girlfriend was Taylor F. she lives in PA. they dated for about 2 years then broke up because people were getting between them. but they probably still talk to each other :D

Who is Tom Fletchers girlfriend?

some Giovanna whatever Its Giovanna Falcone...shes an actress and they are together 6 years and living together for 3 years :D

Is ricky gervais gay?

No, Ricky Gervais has been living with his girlfriend of 25 years, producer and screenwriter Jane Fallon.

Is alvaro bautista gay?

Firstly: Why does it matter? Secondly: No, he's not. He's living together with his girlfriend for several years now.

Is Mark Lamarr really gay?

No, just very happy na he is not gay, he just has not found anyone special that's all Mark Lamarr is not gay, he had a girlfriend for 7 years but they broke up, and ever since he has been living alone because he doesn't want to commit.