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Q: How do you decompose recycled and non recycled paper?
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Does non recycled paper decomposed the fastest or recycled paper if so how?

Recycled paper, because non-recycled has more products in it such as bleach, Chlorine, other elements that contain chlorine are used such as chlorine dioxide, which still produces the carcinogen, dioxin. which is hard to decompose.

Does recycled paper decompose faster than new paper?

Generally YES

Why does new paper decompose faster than recycled paper?

Because water makes the decomposing bacteria

Which paper is better recyled paper or non recyled paper?

Paper(s) made from recycled fibers are as good as paper made from virgin (non-recycled or secondary) fiber. One is not better than the other.

Does recycled paper use more energy than non recycled paper?

No, recycled paper needs much LESS energy. It's much easier to make paper from recycled papers than from cutting down trees, chipping them, mashing them into fiber, pulping them and so on.

Tell more about biodegradable and non biodegradable substances?

Biodegradable substances are waste substanses that can decompose after a peirod if time whether short or long e.g basically food, paper, etc While non biodegradable substances are waste products that can not decompose even after a long period of time e.g glass, metal cans, cups, plastic and the have to be recycled.

Can tires decompose?

Not for hundreds of years. They are recycled.

What is the diferece between recycled paper and recycling papaer?

Although the quality of non recycled papers is better than that of recycled ones, I would prefer the recycled ones . We can perform the rough works on these papers. At least ,this little effort made by us could save hundreds of trees!

When organisms excrete waste or die and decompose what are the nutrients are?

They are recycled :)

Why shouldn't degradable plastic be recycled with non bio degradable plastic?

Because they are each recycled into different materials so if they were recycled together you would have plastic from both forms in one bottle and will make it harder or impossible for bio degradable bottles to decompose later on if thrown out.

What will happen to recycled books?

the paper will go to a place where paper is recycled to make more paper.

How do you spell recycled paper?

That is the correct spelling of "recycled paper" (paper that is made at least partly from old paper).